The One Thing That Will Change The Way You Think About 'The Wedding Planner'

As far as Jennifer Lopez movies go, The Wedding Planner is up there with Selena and Enough. It's certainly J. Lo's best romantic comedy by a mile, and it's not hard to see why. Lopez aside, the movie also stars pre-How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Matthew McConaughey, a bubbly Judy Greer and Dr. Karev himself, Justin Chambers. And then there's the zany, crazy enough it just might work, plot. Lopez plays Mary, an unlucky in love wedding planner who has a romantic night out with a pediatrician (Steve played by McConaughey), only to find out he's the groom in her new big wedding. It's really a pretty great movie, but there is one thing that has always bugged me about it — one thing that will change the way you think about The Wedding Planner. It's time to talk about the M&M's scene.

If you don't remember, the M&M's scene occurs early on in the film, when Mary and Steve are at a movie screening at Golden Gate Park. Like any self-respecting movie-goers, the two buy snacks, including a pack of M&M's, and Mary is shocked when Steve starts throwing out brightly colored M&M's, eating only the brown ones. When she asks him why, he says, "[The brown ones] have less artificial coloring because chocolate's already brown." Endearing? Maybe, but mostly this is just plain stupid.

Let's unpack this: Steve, a doctor, thinks that brown M&M's are better for you because they have less food coloring in them, because the chocolate — which is inside a casing of sugar — is already brown. There are so many problems with this, you guys. Firstly, it is simply irresponsible to throw away perfectly good candy just because it's colorful, especially because, as we all know, there is no guarantee that one basic packet of M&M's will even have a brown candy. Secondly, the brown coloring is for the sugar, not the chocolate. Whatever color that sugar started, you can bet it wasn't the uniform brown color of the M&M's. Sorry, Steve, but you're eating food coloring whether you like it or not.

Look, the M&M's thing isn't the worst quirk in the world. Unless you love chocolate. Then, it's criminal. But for the sake of argument, even if you can live with a man who foolishly throws away candy, can you live with a doctor who somehow thinks brown M&M's have less food coloring because of the color of chocolate? Reminder: Steve is a pediatrician. He takes care of the health of children. He also does not know that M&M's are not made exclusively out of chocolate. There is no excuse for this. Steve is an idiot.

So, really, The Wedding Planner is a movie about a wedding planner who wants to get married and has to choose between a man who used to eat mud as a kid and a man who only eats brown M&M's. I honestly do not know which one is worse.

Images: Columbia Pictures; lucy-moderatz/tumblr (2)