The First 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' Image Makes Baby Groot Even Cuter This Time Around — PHOTO

Quick, name two impossible things. I'm sure you shouted out, "Sitting still during a Beyoncé song" and "Groot being any more adorable in the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie than he was in the first one!" But guys, one of those is wrong. We have our first image from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 , and, if it's any indicator, Baby Groot is somehow even cuter this time around. Which is insane. I'd honestly feel like the world was less upside-down if you told me some inventor had created a pill that made it possible to listen to "Formation" all the way through without throwing out my back while trying to dance to it.

And yet, these glad tidings about Groot are indeed true. We only have this one image of all your favorite characters striding toward the camera, backlit by mist and a mysterious blue light, but it's more than enough to catch Groot's vibe. And, oh man. I limit myself to saying "I can't even" just one time a month, so I don't overdo it, and I think today is my day — I can't even. Baby Groot is so cute that he's making me want to invent some new terminology for when you just want to spend time with someone in a non-romantic way. (An adoption crush? You know what, we'll work on the exact phrasing, because that's definitely not it.) Our little baby boy is perched on Drax's shoulder, maybe even holding onto his ear to steady himself, and it's... just the best. Just take a look at this delightful nonsense.

Hoo boy. I might need to lie down, because I very much want to give Baby Groot a home and a happy family and dinner on the table every night and put him through college. That's the magic he's working on me with just a silhouette right now. It's a lot, and, in this moment, I truly don't know how I'm expected to make it until May 5, 2017, when this movie premieres. I don't know how Marvel managed to outdo Baby Groot dancing, but, somehow, they have, and I'm totally here for it.

Images: Marvel Studios/Disney; giphy