J.Lo Lies to Us in Her New Video

Before there was J. Law, there was J. Lo. And as the years go on, the American Idol judge looks younger and younger, wears more and more glittery jumpsuits, and still swears up and down that she's still just a simple gal from the Bronx. Well, J.Lo, we know you're a kajillionaire and look flawless at 44-years-old and probably don't go to sleep without doing an hour-long beauty routine before hand, but okay, if you say so. During the latest attempt at her "the-jig-isn't-up-yet" mentality, Jennifer Lopez released her video for "Same Girl," her newest single, on Thursday. In the video, she rocks a puffy coat and a Yankees hat, sings on the subway, and hangs out with people in the Bronx.

First of all, I don't think the world was begging for a "Jenny From the Block" sequel. Secondly, some of her lyrics are, "Tell me what I gotta do, I'm tryna make it clear to you, Not dealing with the attitude, I'm tired of tryna make you see that I'm still me."

Well, we're tired of you trying to make us see that, too — so pack up the puffy coat and call it a day, for the love of Louboutins.

You can watch "Same Girl" below: