Superbowl Makeup That's 10x Easier Than it Sounds

The Superbowl is upon us (Sunday, 5:30 PM CST, to be exact), and whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool sports fanatic or just showing up for the chips and guacamole, game time is always more fun if you pick a side. Maybe you don't own a vintage Seahawks jersey with which to stun the entire party, but team colors are free for everyone, right? Translation: thank goodness for highly pigmented makeup.

For the Seattle Seahawks Superfan

Your colors: dark blue and bright green, with silver accents

How about you:

1. Experiment with green eyeliner along your waterline, blue eyeliner on top, silver "eye black" along the tops of your cheeks.

2. Watch a pretty Youtube tutorial that blends all three colors nicely (think aqua instead of lime green plus silver in the inner eye corners).

3. Feeling bolder? Here's a Seahawks makeup tutorial that goes all out — lime green, neon blue, bright everything.

4. Work totally natural eye makeup + green and blue "eye black."

5. Try silver glitter along the bottom lash line, plus a fierce green and blue manicure.

6. Go for some clip-in hair extensions to flip when they score (lime green, dark blue).

7. Visit one of the official partners of the Seahawks cheerleaders, like MAC Cosmetics or Seattle Sun Tan, and ask for a Sea Gals look.

8. Keep everything natural except for these Seahawks nail decals.

9. Forget all about makeup — this is football, after all — and cozy up in some Seahawks sweatpants.

For the Denver Broncos Devotee

Your colors: navy and orange, with white accents

How about you:

1. Break out the ORANGE LIPSTICK. The better to laugh at Seahawks fans and their lime green eyeliner with, my dear.

2. Go for orange eyeshadow, white on the inner corners, and navy eye black — because you can.

3. Check out this subtle Broncos Youtube tutorial that blends orange and brown eyeshadows for a less orange-y look, plus lots of blue on the lower lash line.

4. Go crazy with the orange and blue hair chalk. Apply to damp hair, and then run a straightening iron or curler over the colored sections to help the color last through the halftime show.

5. Stay super-subtle: a bit of orange blush rubbed into the apples of your cheeks, the thinnest line of navy eyeliner, lots of mascara.

6. Nail decals! (There's a set for every team under the sun.)

7. Mimic this ridiculously bright, intense, orange-blue-white eye makeup look that, against all reason, is really pretty.

8. Pop in a creepily youthful Broncos hair bow.

Image: Super Bowl Makeup Tutorial : Denver Broncos/Youtube