These Two Are At It Again

Oh, bless. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are at it again, making New York City, the Internet, and the world a better place to live in. Just when I thought Friday's Twitpics couldn’t get anymore delightful, Patrick Stewart posted this pic with Ian McKellen, each looking so psyched for Sunday’s big game. Oh Patrick and Ian and their wonderfully wry English humo(u)r! Truth be told, I enjoy American football as much, if not less, than your average Brit, so I took their lovely little prod to the sport with great joy.

So now I don’t know if Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan posing with a “Football!” is greater than Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen running across the Brooklyn Bridge. Or Patrick Stewart dressed as a lobster vs. Patrick Stewart eating his first slice of pizza. It’s too much for our collective hearts to bear, truly. And thankfully, we never have to choose.

Other than the fact that these two 70-somethings are bigger Internet sensations than pop stars roughly a third of their age, they’re also totally killing it at the self-promotion game. Waiting for Godot and No Man’s Land are dark, absurd, existential and masterfully written pieces of theater — and with these two as their stars, people can’t get enough.

Seriously, think of how many people have trudged through Times Square just to these two legends of stage and screen acting side-by-side. So if it takes a bit of cheeky tweeting to get a younger crowd into the theater, then by all means gentlemen, onward. Broadway, and all of us, are better for it. Now, who wants to catch these guys on Sunday before watching The Big Game? Pre-theater wings and beer included.

Image: SirPatStew/Twitter