Alfonso Ribeiro Disses Scott Disick Over ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Rumors & Boy, Does He Have Feelings

Never did I expect Carlton Banks to weigh in on Scott Disick's celeb status. Yes, this is something that really happened. While chatting with TMZ, Alfonso Ribeiro said Scott Disick isn't really a "star". What prompted the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor to bluntly open up about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star? Really, TMZ is to blame, because the media outlet asked Ribeiro his opinion about Disick reportedly joining Dancing With the Stars.

For those unaware, Ribeiro won DWTS Season 19, so he clearly knows a thing or two about the ABC dance competition. He said, "I neither know of him or care enough about him to have an opinion. He's not a star." Oh snap. He didn't stop there and added, "It's not Dancing With the What. Dancing With the, a Guy Who's Married to a Family Who's Stars, I guess." If that isn't enough, the America's Funniest Home Videos host even said, "Like, he's just a guy who hangs out in bars."

Hey, Ribeiro, why don't you tell us know how really feel? Apparently, there have been rumors that Disick wants to join DWTS Season 22. (Side bar: how is DWTS already in its 22nd season?!) But if you ask Us Weekly, Disick is not joining DWTS, which I guess is a good thing, especially since he's technically not a "star".

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Per a source who spoke with Us, there is "no chance Scott would be on the show." Supposedly, a "DWTS insider" also revealed that ABC "would never give him $500,000" to compete. Whether he isn't competing or not, clearly Ribeiro hasn't seen Disick's dance moves. Even if he doesn't consider him famous enough for the reality series, who wouldn't want to see Lord Disick bust out these moves?

There's The Cane Dance

I mean, come on!

He Can Wave His Arms In The Air Like He Just Doesn't Care

Get it, Scott.

He Can Even Pelvic Thrust


I don't care what Carlton Banks says, I'd totally watch Disick on DWTS.

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