Blake Lively Might Be A Redhead Again

Blake Lively is basically the queen of blonde hair, and I don't think any star in Hollywood has hair that's as enviable as Lively's long, full locks. Although she flirted with "bronde" hair last year, she may be making another new color change. That's right, Lively's hair might be on its way to being red again.

My confusion initially started when the Daily Mail posted as series of recent pictures of Lively in NYC for New York Fashion Week. As the actress was doing some shopping at Christian Louboutin, she stepped out in a bright red dress and hair that looked more gingery than it has in years. In 2011, Lively briefly gave up her signature blonde locks for strawberry blonde hair, and her hair definitely looked more "strawberry" than blonde in the pictures. And, considering Lively has dyed her hair red before, it's not impossible to believe that she's going back to the color now.

Lively has been making public appearances all week, and her hair maintained its signature blonde glow, so the strawberry look may just be a trick of the light or a result of the cloudy New York skies. But, it definitely has a red tint.

Totally looks red, right?

To me, the major hint is that Lively's roots look significantly darker, and there's a strawberry blonde warmth to her hair instead of the bronde locks she was rocking last year. Lively's Instagram doesn't offer too many clues into whether she's transitioning to red hair, but this backlit photo of her hair color definitely looks warmer than her usual cool blonde.

Here's a few vintage photos of Lively with red hair to remind you of her 2011 look.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kind of a fun change for her, right?

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering Lively's hair is her safety net, I'm sure she's weighing a color change decision pretty seriously. However, to me, it definitely looks like Lively may be heading back to the red hair life.