Felicity Receives Amazing News On 'Arrow'

When you're dealing with such a dark show, it's nice when some good news is able to make its way to the surface. And thankfully, that's something that Wednesday night's episode "Code of Silence" delivered tenfold during Oliver and Felicity's engagement party. Ever since Felicity became paralyzed on Arrow , fans have been speculating how permanent her injuries would be. But now, thanks to her amazing colleague Curtis, it's looking more and more likely that Felicity Smoak will walk again before her wedding day.

Apparently, Curtis has been working tirelessly to create an implantable bio stimulant that, upon insertion to a person's spine, can allow the user the ability to walk again. All he needed was a power source strong enough to give the implant an everlasting effect and it seems as though Palmer Tech's power cell was the answer to his prayers. (Has anyone else's love of Curtis just skyrocketed through the roof right now?)

Obviously, both Felicity and Oliver were thrilled with this amazing engagement present and are completely optimistic that the procedure will work. Of course, there's always a chance that something will go wrong (especially on this show), but I feel as though this will be the ultimate way Felicity will end up back on her feet... even if it's not to walk down the aisle. (Don't forget that the flash forward shows Felicity with a very bare finger.)

Either way, though, this is fantastic news and gave our girl a renewed sense of hope that she more than deserves. Don't get me wrong, Felicity is a badass both on and off her feet, but I think we could all use some extra good news, considering the grave future that we know lies before us. Now if someone will please give Curtis a raise ASAP, I think he's more than earned it.

Image: Katie Yu/ The CW