Get A Bite Of This Breakup Dessert Instagram

There are all sorts of ways we struggle to cope with the aftermath of a breakup, most of us learning from an early age to channel our feelings into aggressive journaling, or by taking up a new hobby, or by watching Country Strong so many times that your roommate hides the DVD (don't LOOK at me). But now thanks to this Instagram that turns breakup quotes into desserts, we've officially found the most productive post-breakup soother of all. The Instagram, dubbed Eat Your Heart Out, is run by Isabella Giancarlo, a designer and strategist in Brooklyn. The concept is simple, but oh-so-satisfying: she takes lines from breakups, ranging from the fairly cliché to the straight up heart-wrenching, and bakes them into pies, brownies, rice krispie treats, and other mouthwatering morsels.

The incongruence of the sweet treats and the absolute womp of the messages makes for a deliciously dark brand of humor. But personally, I'm starting to wonder if Giancarlo's Instagram shouldn't inspire an entire new cultural movement: if you want to break up with your S.O., as of 2016, you have to bake it into a decadent, Instagram-worthy treat in order for the breakup to legally count. I don't make the rules, guys. I just eat 'em.

Here are a few of the images on the Eat Your Heart Out account that will hit you right in the feels, and in the tastebuds:

So where did this poignant and delicious project come from?

"For me, a loss of appetite typically accompanies the end of a relationship," Giancarlo explained to Bustle. "This is always particularly distressing, as I’m a voracious eater and cook. After a break-up last spring, seven words sat me that I couldn’t shake. I thought about ways to reclaim that phrase… how could I sweeten words that initially took my appetite away?"

And thus, the yummiest way to ensure you got the ~last word~ was born.

"I like that desserts seem to suggest, Go ahead. Gorge. Engage with the uncomfortable, sticky feelings of a broken heart that are so often dismissed as self-indulgent," said Giancarlo.

For those of you fellow lonely hearts out there with a hankering for pie, Giancarlo is taking submissions for the Insta. Now you can quote your cake, and eat it, too! And while you're waiting for your breakup pie to bake, in the meantime you can get all your inspo by following Giancarlo's "Eat Your Heart Out" Instagram account here, and by checking out her personal website here.

And if anybody needs me, I'll be faking a relationship with someone for a few days so I can justify making a beautiful breakup cake of my own.

Images: Courtesy of eatyrheartsout/Instagram