Who Is Fran On HBO's ‘Girls? Jake Lacy Is Having A Moment In Hollywood

Girls returns to HBO for its fifth season on Sunday, Feb. 21. The series has followed Hannah Horvath and her group of friends through the tumult of their early 20s. And, in Girls Season 5, the women may be older — but are they done growing up? With a wedding for Marnie and a more mature relationship with Fran for Hannah, could the girls be ready to settle down? We'll find out soon. But, first, since Season 4 was a long time ago. Who is Fran and the actor who plays him, Jake Lacy? Well, he's having a pretty big career boom right now.

While Girls fans are excited to see Hannah growing up and taking responsibility as a teacher, viewers were also happy to see her with Fran, not Adam, at the end of Season 4. After all, Adam did, as Hannah said, treat her heart like monkey meat. Hannah met Fran, a fellow teacher, when she returned from Iowa and began looking to add meaning to her life. And, from the Season 5 trailers, it seems like sweet, lovable Fran (with a sweet, lovable name) is sticking around for awhile.

In addition to playing Fran, you probably recognize Jake Lacy from other indie manic pixie dream boy roles, an Oscar-nominated film, and several popular TV shows. Here are some of the places you have seen Fran, aka Jake Lacy, before, according to his IMDb page.


Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lacy landed a breakout role in Oscar-nominated film Carol as Rooney Mara’s would-be love interest.

Obvious Child

Similar to Fran, Lacy played Max, a lovable, straight-laced guy, crushing on a quirky, modern Brooklynite girl in Obvious Child. P.S. I'm not gonna lie, when Max warmed the butter for Jenny Slate's Donna, I fell a little bit in love.

The Office

Lacy played Jim’s young counterpart Pete (aka Plop) in The Office’s farewell season. Like Jim, Pete was a good guy and salesman (with grander ambitions), who also had a crush on the receptionist, Erin.

How To Be Single

Lacy is a cute, single guy opposite Leslie Mann in this new romantic comedy, currently in theaters, also starring Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson.

Billy & Billie

In his least adorable role ever, Lacy played the obnoxious boss’ son on the 2015 series where his co-worker Billy (Adam Brody) dates his stepsister who is also named Billie (Lisa Joyce).

Better With You

Lacy starred opposite JoAnna Garcia Swisher on this short-lived ABC series about two adult sisters, their partners, and their parents.

Catch him on Girls starting Feb. 21!

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