Who Is Gizelle Bryant's Ex-Husband Jamal? 'The Real Housewives Of Potomac's Ex Is Still A Major Part Of His Kids' Lives

As fans get to know The Real Housewives of Potomac, finding out who the wives are in partnerships with is one of the many ways to learn more about the ladies. And even though Gizelle has been proudly holding it down for the divorced single moms of the group, who is Gizelle Bryant's ex-husband? She brushed past her divorce pretty casually when introducing herself in the RHOP premiere, but it can't be easy to go from a partner to a single parent. Gizelle's ex is Jamal Bryant, a well-known preacher in the Baltimore area. As she explained on The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle ended her relationship with Bryant in 2013, because they were incompatible and his infidelity.

Gizelle confidently claims that if she ever decided to try another relationship with Jamal, she could have him back instantly, but she's no longer interested — and for more reasons then just his adultery. But even so, there's still a lot to appreciate about Jamal Bryant, especially if you're into people with strong religious beliefs or a guy who can keep a healthy relationship with his exes. I bet this Maryland preacher will have a lot of wannabe suitors following his appearance on Real Housewives of Potomac.

His Church Is Enormous

Jamal runs a megachurch, the Empowerment Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, which has a congregation of ten thousand.

He's Still A Major Part Of His Kids' Lives

Even though their parents are divorced, Gizelle & Jamal's daughters are growing up with both their mom and dad around. They may not be as close as Robyn and Juan Dixon — they sure don't sleep in the same bed! — but they are committed to coparenting together, not cutting one another off. A recent RHOP episode even showed Gizelle out with Jamal to celebrate Father's Day.

He's Very Well Dressed

Usually, Housewives' husbands only dress up when they absolutely have to, but Jamal always seem to be wearing a well-tailored suit. When they were together, Gizelle and Jamal must have been an incredibly good-looking couple.

He Admitted To A Harmful Affair

While in a RHOP interview segment Gizelle claims that infidelity wasn't the only reason why her marriage ended, it certainly must help their current relationship that Jamal acknowledges that cheating on his wife was a bad and hurtful choice.

He Points Out Politics On His Social Media

Jamal uses his fame as a pastor to share his opinions on social issues as well as religious ones. He's routinely used his platform to spread heartbreaking (but important) stories about police brutality and other issues, primarily ones that affect the black community.

He Works With Some Famous Activists

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And in addition to pointing out and informing people about injustice, Jamal has gone to protest and try to affect change alongside famous figures like Al Sharpton and President Obama.

He Is A Televangelist

Jamal is actually the first TV star in the Bryant family — he preached on TBN, a network devoted to evangelical Christian sermons and programming. And even those who aren't the same faith as Bryant have to acknowledge that he's a passionate and compelling speaker while on camera, just like his wife is when she stands up to the Potomac ladies' rules. There are no shrinking violets in the Bryant clan.

He's Based Out Of Baltimore

And while Gizelle was willing to move for her marriage, you can't take the Potomac out of the diva, so it really seems like they're more compatible now that both members of the former couple are in their chosen hometowns.

Even though they had good reasons to break up, there are still some things about Jamal Bryant that are pretty great — and that must be why Gizelle still keeps him in her and her children's lives.