8 Adorable Pics Of 'RHOP's Katie & Her Kids

While part of the appeal of the Real Housewives franchise is the glamour and allure of the posh lives of some of the most elite cities in the country, it’s also nice to see these uber-wealthy women be just like us and be "family people". On The Real Housewives of Potomac , Katie Rost and her children have captured the hearts of many viewers — and how could they not? — they are an adorable family. So much so that we should all indulge in some adorable photos of Katie and her children, just so we don’t forget.

Katie, a single mother of three, has an Instagram account that would make most wannabe-socialites jealous. When she's not attending a philanthropy gala, she's on a red carpet. While her online presence might be peppered with the glamorous life of being a real mover-and-shaker of Potomac, the mainstays on her Instagram are her children, James Rocco, Kathryn, and Renee. In addition to a ton of photos with her children, her boyfriend Andrew (introduced to her via her mother) also makes a few cameos throughout. All in all, it seems like Katie has a pretty wonderful family that she's incredibly proud of... and she should be! Just take a look.

They Take In History

It's no surprise that Katie's children are just as beautiful as their mother.

They Share Smooches

So. Cute.

They Take Naps Together

Mama Kathryn and Baby Kathryn.

They Go Apple Picking

OK, Katie's not in this one, but he's just so excited about his apples!

They Don't Always Get Along

The twins don't always see eye-to-eye.

They Celebrate Together

Note the matching shirts on the twins.

They Climb Trees

Although someone looks a little skeptical about the process.

They Even Hang Out With Andrew

Let's hope, Katie will continue to grace us with adorable photos of her family and her posh life.