Lindsay and Paris Are No Longer BFFs

Lindsay Lohan is actually doing better. Seriously, she's getting it together. After countless highly publicized run-ins with the law — including arrests for driving under the influence, drug possession, and failing drug tests — Lohan seems to be putting the broken pieces of her life back together in multiple ways, especially since teaming up with television queen, Oprah Winfrey, for a mini-docuseries about the star's journey through sobriety. (The series is set to premiere March 9, so set your DVRs now.) Though some outlets have reported that Lohan has caused trouble on the set of her OWN docuseries, and that she recently misplaced her pricey fur coat, she doesn't seem to have reverted back to any of her serious old vices. And there definitely hasn't been any more arrests since her last booking in 2012.

So will Lohan bounce back? Chances are better if she continues to prove she's committed to being healthy and happy. And here are just four reasons that we might be able to believe in Lohan again.

She's avoiding Paris Hilton.

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton attended the same Super Bowl party Thursday, but the two former BFFs definitely weren't seen chitchatting. According to E! News, Lohan and Hilton sat at opposite tables across the room and never spoke. This is definitely quite the change from the early 2000s, when Lohan and Hilton were always seen hitting the latest parties together. While Hilton has grown out of her partying ways, it's probably best that Lohan keep a safe distance from the heiress for her own sake.

She's spending time with (other) members of her family.

Lindsay has been spending some quality time with family, including her grandmother, who celebrated a birthday two weeks ago. The star posted a photo of Nana Sullivan on her Instagram account behind some birthday candles. While her parents haven't proven to be the best supervisors thus far in her career, it is probably best that Lohan stay close to her grandmother and far away from all of her former pals that only encouraged her bad habits... even if that includes a one Dina Lohan.

She hasn't been seen drinking.

Nope, Lohan hasn't been spotted clinking any bottles as of late. Either the actress — who revealed to Oprah in an interview that alcohol is her drug of choice — is really is staying away from the booze or she's just been really sneaky. We hope it's the former.

She's working.

Last week, Lohan attended the Sundance Film Festival, where she announced her new project, a film called Inconceivable. Lohan has proven with hits like Mean Girls and The Parent Trap that she belongs in front of the camera... so long as the cameras don't belong to TMZ.