Kanye West has been quite on a roll lately when it comes to his social media. Twitter has really become a mixed bag for the musician and designer. Like lots of us, he has his good days and his bad, but today seems to be a good day. Kanye West is working on Yeezy Season 4, according to his Twitter. West posted an image of a pass to a famous French fashion event that focuses on materials for design creation such as fabrics and accessories. Basically, the world got Yeezy Season 4 confirmed, so that's a win for Kanye's Twitter, right?

Most of us have had those days where we've tweeted or even texted something we've regretted. Kanye's moments like that just have to be on a globally public scale. Only a few short weeks ago, the rapper was embroiled in a seeming Twitter feud with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa after Wiz appeared to criticize the title of Kanye's then unofficially named album — now known as T.L.O.P. Next thing you know, Amber Rose joined the Twitter conversation. Then, Kanye took to Twitter to admit his $53 million in debt and asked Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg for $1 million. Add this to the bruhaha over his latest song "Famous," and it's highly questionable lyrics regarding T. Swift, and you've got a social media blitz that hasn't exactly been positive. Now, however, things seem to be taking a turn.

Kanye attended Première Vision on Thursday, a popular Parisian event where designers and creators focus on the materials behind their designs. Kanye seems to be there to gather inspiration for Yeezy Season 4. While you may be wondering if khakis and knits are on his mind, West seems to be changing things up this time, Why? Because Yeezy Season 4 might be a children's line, according to the rapper and designer himself.

If that's true, it does lead me to ask: Will he get inspiration from daughter North's style? Despite being young, she's definitely got a strong sense of style. From her tutus to her leather jackets, she's got a look. So what could you expect to see in Yeezy Season 4 based on little North's style?


North takes ballet, so it's obvious that she'd have a couple of tutus. However, her style with them is anything but simple, and they're absolutely adorable.


While North is rocking that signature tutu here, she's also killing it in a custom Balmain blazer. Rumors have circled that Kanye West may be collaborating with Balmain for Yeezy Season 4, so could a Balmain x Yeezy kids be on the horizon?


North wore custom Yeezy Season 2 for her dad's show last go round. If he's already made one, why not some more?

Yeezy Boosts

These may not be Saint's, but they will definitely be a must in a kids collection.


Fur seems to be North's and the rest of the West family's jam, so I'm thinking some may make an appearance.


North loves her boots, so does that mean Yeezy Season 4 could feature them?

With North being so stylish, is there any doubt that Yeezy Season 4 will be amazing?