How To Curl A Pixie Cut

If you think you're stuck with only one way to style your pixie cut, you're totally wrong. It takes a little courage to step out of the box, but I'm pumped to break down how to curl a pixie so you can feel confident spicing up your look. With the right products and curling iron, you'll be good to go in no time.

I've had a pixie for almost two months and only started curling it a week ago, so I really do understand the struggle of letting go of your standard style and seeing what happens! That said, I love the volume curls add and how they open up my face more.

Better yet, these curls are totally customizable and you really have control over whether you want things clean and polished or a little more chaotic looking. I tend to opt for kind of the scruffy mix of curls and wavy pieces. However, if I reached for a larger curling iron and teased out some of the curls with hairspray, I'd be rocking that old Hollywood glam look in no time.

Think it sounds too intimidating? Scroll on to learn exactly how to create a Pinterest-worthy curled pixie in under fifteen minutes.

1. Clip Off Sections

I find it easiest to go section by section, starting from the bottom and working my way up.

2. Start Curling

I like to curl both toward and away from my face for a more natural look.

3. Loosen Another Section And Curl

Yay keep going until you have no sections left.

4. Tousle And Spray

For a more grungy bedhead, shake things out and add a little hairspray.

That's it!

Images: Author's Own