There's A 'Breaking Bad' Cafe Opening Here

If you've been crying into your coffee since AMC's Breaking Bad ended, never fear: a Breaking Bad cafe opening in Brooklyn will soothe your withdrawals. And don't worry, there wont be ricin in the stevia. The cafe is called Walter's, obviously titled after the shows leading anti-hero, Walter White, which is probably much nicer than calling it Heisenberg because that might give the impression to customers that they were walking into a makeshift meth lab rather than a trendy cafe. The cafe is the second spot to open, the first, Walter's Coffee Roastery, having opened doors in Istanbul (a city which has more than 500 years of coffee history, with one of the first coffee houses in the world opening there in the 16th Century). According to Walter's website, the new coffee shop is "the newest evolution in the coffee house experience."

Walter's website also gives the run down of the brand's philosophy, which seems rooted enough in the chemistry of coffee that drawing an analogy between coffee and a meth lab doesn't seem all that tenuous.

"Walter's Coffee Roastery is the first coffee laboratory, specializing in daily roasted coffee. We respect coffee and its chemistry. From extraction and brew temperatures to espresso machine pressure and grinder configuration, we have coffee down to a science," says the website.

Here's what you can expect from Walter's, based on what we can glean so far from the Internet:

1. Baristas Will Wear Hazmat Suits And Gas Masks

You couldn't call something "Breaking Bad-themed" and not include the show's iconic bright yellow hazmat suits. If the baristas were dressed in casual attire that would just be off brand. I mean, they could wear white singlets and underpants if they wanted to be really OG, but I feel like people are going to get really uncomfortable about people in knickers making their coffee.

2. Coffee Will Be Precisely Brewed

If we learned anything from Breaking Bad is that meth cooking is an art. Also a bunch of other stuff probably, but mostly the meth thing.

3. If You're In Istanbul, You Can Get Your Breaking Bad Coffee Fix Immediately

The address of Walter's in Intanbul is Caferaga Mah, Bademalti Sk. No:21/B Kadikoy Istanbul, Turkey. Also if you are in Istanbul right now, you lucky thing, it's a really beautiful city.

4. The Cafe Has Some Pretty Adorable Branding

The first word you'd use to describe Breaking Bad probably isn't "adorable", but here we are. This branding is adorable.

5. The Theme Is Everywhere

The Istanbul coffee shop has something blue and meth like (I'm guessing candy) and Heisenberg silhouettes in sugar on pancakes. There also appears to be menus in the style of the periodic table:

Images: AMC