Are These Yeezy Boost 350s Being Stocked Soon?

Can you feel the Internet hysteria or have you shielded yourself from all of this shoe insanity? Well, regardless, Yeezy Boost 350s in Pirate Black went on sale Friday and the kicks are seriously desired by sneaker pimps. Of course the shoes sold out instantly and fans are already wondering about a restock. But what about the "Turtle Dove" version? Will there be a re-release of the Turtle Dove Yeezy Boost 350s? UPDATE: Adidas got back to us with the following update: "We have not issued any official notice regarding future YEEZY releases. Any future drops will be announced via adidas Originals social media channels and via Please stay tuned."

EARLIER: Despite some earlier confusion involving a mistake on a shoe seller's release date calendar, Sneaker News has reported that there is no set re-release date for the Turtle Doves. Bustle has reached out to Adidas reps about the possibility of Turtle Dove 350s being restocked.

What goes up must come down. It's simple gravity. But the "what" in this case is your Yeezy Boost 350s hopes and dreams.

Currently, fans across the globe have been tweeting their disappointment about trying to score the Pirate Black Boost 350s and being turned away due to sell outs. Sigh.

Yeezy Boost 350s, regardless of the colorways, remain a fashion unicorn. They are hard to score and supply is not even coming close to meeting demand. The Yeezy Boost hysteria goes deeper than a piece of misinformation such as this. Clearly, fans are desperate to get their feet into these shoes. Perhaps Kanye West and his team can do something so all those who desire Boosts can get 'em.

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