Kris Jenner Let Kanye Run The Show For A Night

In a shocking turn of events, Kris Jenner relinquished her dominion over the Kardashian dynasty for a limited time only. It was for one very special night and for a very special purpose. While appearing on Fashion Police, Jenner explained that she let West take her throne as the family leader during his fashion show for Yeezy Season 3. And by "take her throne," I mean she let him call the shots. If you've ever watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you know that's not something that Jenner typically does.

In fact, Fashion Police host Melissa Rivers even said as much in response to "momager" Jenner "following orders." She quipped to Jenner about West, "Does he not understand that he lives in a matriarchy?" That's a fantastic question, actually. Because, uh, does he?! Jenner clarified that she does believe the Kardashian regime is a matriarchy, but that she, "Let that one go." It's sort of sweet, in a way, that she'd let her son-in-law think he ruled the roost for a night.

Well, actually, I thought it was sweet until I got wind of how he handled this newfound power. To top off the fact that apparently the Kardashians wouldn't "dare tell him" if they didn't like their outfits, which I'll let slide despite being a control freak myself because it was his fashion show and thus his brain child, there was another thing he did that would make any Kris Jenner fan gasp. He made her follow his whim... literally.

Jenner explained to Fashion Police that once her fitting was done, "I was halfway back to my hotel and I got a call saying, 'He doesn't think it looks right. Why don't you come on back because he's ready now.'" Excuse you, Kanye? But you know what? She did it.

And as wild as this all seems, this actually is not the first time Jenner has given into West's needs. Because if you didn't realize, Kimye has been living with Jenner for a long time (she elaborated on this in 2014 also on Fashion Police ). And while she loves her grandbabies, it's clear that she wouldn't be too upset with an empty nest at any point in the immediate future. Or, like, now. She even cheekily referred to Kimye as "squatters" in her home to Queen Latifah in 2014:

So sure, maybe Jenner lends West her crown from time to time, but it's because she loves her sometimes unruly son-in-law and trusts him. Though it's still quite clear that she runs the Kardashian world. Sorry, Ye.