Strong Proof That Luke & Lorelai Are Def Together

by Mary Grace Garis

We're all eagerly awaiting our return trip to Stars Hollow with the upcoming Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, and, with every passing moment, we worry more and more about which Gilmore Guy our girls have ended up with. With Rory, it's a total crapshoot: we know that she's still dating actively, and we know that her three main suitors are all returning. But, with the elder Gilmore, it was instantaneously clear that Luke and Lorelai were meant to be together. And hey, we may have just received a hard hint that Luke and Lorelai are still together in the Gilmore Girls revival.

A recent photo of the Gilmore Girls set shows Luke's truck parked behind Lorelai's jeep... and seemingly in the Gilmore's driveway no less. What could this possibly mean? Well, nothing necessarily, I parked behind the Dominos pizza guy two weeks ago and we're not betrothed or anything (sadly). But the idea that their cars are happily settled into Lorelai's establishment could definitely insinuate that the two are back together and going strong. And in case you think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, let's just piece this all together real quick and mull the whole possibility over.

The Gilmore Girls series finale ended with Luke organizing an impromptu going away party for Rory after she accepts a job following the Obama campaign (I mean, whatever). Once Lorelai confronts him about it, Luke is all, "I just... like to see you happy." They kiss and the music swells. So, given that that was the note the perpetual will-they or won't-they twosome ended on, it's fair to assume that they've since solidly checked the "they will" box on their relationship. That tug of war was a game that pretty much guided the entire series, but, at this point, it would be flat out unfair to the fans to keep playing that for four more episodes.

Now, if Luke and Lorelai are finally in it for the long haul, it would make sense that they'd be living together (potentially with Paul Anka) in that beautiful, unrealistically large house. Technically, they could keep it casual and occupy different spaces (maybe Luke's just visiting to repair something) but since almost a decade has past, I think it's safe to assume they took things to the next step. Perhaps... marriage?

I mean, we know that everyone is terrible at marriage at that this show, But Lauren Graham seems to have faith in the couple. During the Gilmore Girls reunion panel at the ATX Television Festival last June, she spoke emphatically about how the finale didn't resolve Luke and Lorelai's relationship in a way that did their relationship justice. "It didn’t, for me, end in a satisfying way," she said at the time, before adding. "I think they’re together, 100 percent." Oh, and regarding whether they got married? Graham gave a definite "probably" to that question. Yaaaaaaas.

A picture is worth a thousand words... and can spark a half dozen theories. But I think for now we can take this recent development as a positive, and anticipate Luke and Lorelai to be living it up together in Stars Hollow once we get back in town.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy