9 Luke & Lorelai Questions For The 'GG' Revival

From the moment it became official that Netflix would be giving us more Gilmore Girls, fans started asking the big questions about the Gilmore Girls revival. Of course they want to know what Lorelai and Rory are up to now — Is Rory still a political reporter? Is Lorelai still running the Dragonfly Inn? — but we're also very interested in their love lives. Rory, as we've been told, will be single, but dating. Not to mention that all three of Rory's exes — Dean. Jess and Logan — have signed on for the show so there's bound to be a showdown of sorts. But the most important question involving the love status of our main characters has to be: where do things stand with Luke and Lorelai now?

The last time we saw the couple nearly a decade ago, they were kissing in the street before saying goodbye to Rory with a bit of coffee. The show then ended, fading to black without confirming that this was the beginning of Luke and Lorelai 2.0. The show's creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is keeping very quiet about the exact status of Stars Hollow's favorite couple. But, after years of watching the twosome's will-they-or-won't-they love story unfold, it's clear Sherman-Palladino will have a lot of explaining to do. Namely, a whole decade's worth. I've come up with 11 questions that fans probably have about Luke and Lorelai. Hopefully though, these questions and so many more will be answered soon.

1. After That Finale Kiss, Did Things Go Back To Normal?

Since the two clearly were on the road to making up in the finale — that kiss! — did the two decide to just back to the way things were before everything got messed up? We're talking re-engaged, looking forward to June 3 again. Or did they decide to take things slow and not rush into things?

2. Will We Get Flashbacks Of Luke And Lorelai Rekindling Their Love?

This of course leads us to our second question. Eight years is a long time in a relationship. There's so much we've missed in their reunion. What were those first few days, weeks, months like for the couple? How did the town react to them getting back together? How did Emily react to them getting back together? It seems tragic to think that we'll just have a gaping hole in their romance after we spent so much time following its every move.

3. Will We Get A Luke And Lorelai Wedding?

Four 90-minute episodes certainly call for some big moments, could one of them be the wedding of Luke and Lorelai? Perhaps, the summer episode that just happens to fall around June 3? Summer is the perfect time for lobster, which Luke promised in Season 6 would be a big part of their wedding. Or, did these two just go off and elope?

4. Do They Live Together In Lorelai's House?

In Season 5 and 6, Luke re-did Lorelai's house to make sure they could make it a home for the two of them. After getting rid of that horrible bedroom set, the house looked better than ever. A bathroom with two sinks is definitely the way to go. But, not too long after the renovation, Luke and Lorelai called it quits, and he was back at his own place. Now that they're back together, did they decide to stay in the house?

5. Did Luke Re-Buy The Twickham House?

If Lorelai's house is not where the couple call home, I know the new place is somewhere in Stars Hollow. Perhaps, Luke got the Twickham house back. You know, the house Luke fought the town elders to buy In Season 5, only to realize Lorelai wasn't really interested in leaving her place? Maybe she changed her mind though?

6. Do Luke & Lorelai Have Kids?

Way back in Season 3, the two discussed how they would have children if they found the right person. But, with Rory out of college and Luke discovering he had a tweenage daughter he had never known about, did the two decide their family was big enough? It will be interesting to see.

7. Did Luke Finally Find A Way To Balance Lorelai And April?

Luke's decision to keep Lorelai out of April's life is the turning point in their nearly picture perfect relationship. Lorelai would clearly have been the ideal step-mom, throwing awesome slumber parties and allowing you to eat all the junk food you want. So now that the two are back together, I assume he finally found a way to balance the two most important women in his life, right?

8. Did Lorelai Finally Learn How To Have Luke And Christopher In Her Life?

It's official, Christopher (David Sutcliffe) will be back for this revival. Since I hope he's not there to break anyone up (again), it would be nice to see whether he can be in the same room as Luke without causing a fight. They already did that once remember? At least for Lorelai, they can hopefully grin and bear it.

9. Did Luke Finally Endear Himself To Emily?

After all these years, I'd love to know how Emily feels about Luke. She's always been icy to him, knowing she had to be nice if she wanted Lorelai in her life. But, since they're both a little older and obviously a little wiser, could they finally get on the same page?

No matter what the answers to these questions hold, all those Luke and Lorelai shippers out there will finally get the truth. And, hopefully, that happy ending they were looking for.

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