John Green Remembers Harper Lee In The Best Way

News of Harper Lee's death on Friday morning broke hearts around the world. Now YA author John Green — AKA the Master of Breaking Our Hearts — has us all sobbing. In a series of tweets, the Paper Towns author remembered Lee's generosity in the wake of her death.

Green is among the dozens of authors who memorialized Lee on social media, but his short series of tweets is more poignant than any other. In only a few words, Green reveals that Lee gave him his "most prized possession": an autographed copy of Looking for Alaska, with an inscription dedicated to Green's then-newborn son.

If that doesn't tug at your heartstrings just a little bit, you were born without feelings.

We don't know how Green went about getting an autograph from the famously reclusive Lee, particularly since she signed his book, and not one of her own. Honestly, that matters very little right now, although you can be certain that someone will eventually ask Green how he managed such a feat. If you're that worried about it, stay tuned to Green's twitter and YouTube accounts for more information.

Grab a pack of tissues before you read on. Here is John Green's tribute to Harper Lee:


R.I.P. Harper Lee.