This Is The BEST Way To Get Over A Bad Day

Bad days are inevitable, and we all deal with them in our own unique ways. I, for one, normally try to calm myself down by going for a walk, which inevitably leads me to the pizzeria down the street from my apartment, which leads to tomato sauce and melted cheese and pizza-induced feelings of bliss. Other people, however, choose to take out their rage in more physical ways — liked heading to a company that calls itself the Anger Room and releasing their frustration by smashing things into a million pieces. Brilliant, right? Oh, and the best part? The Anger Room is touring this month and setting up shop in cities around the country, meaning you might just get a chance to check it out for yourself.

The Anger Room is a company that was started in Texas in 2008, but travels around to different parts of the country to set up pop-up Anger Rooms where people in need of a good venting sesh can visit to mollify themselves by destroying everything in sight. It sounds cathartic, and also a little messy — but that's part of the Anger Room's beauty. As the company writes on the Anger Room's website: "It might sound crazy at first, but we assure you once you’ve tried this method of stress relief, nothing else will compare!"

So how does it work? When the Anger Room arrives in your city, reserve a time slot (they go quickly), and then, simply, prepare to break stuff. At its permanent location in Dallas, you can even choose from different packages, including the "I Need A Break" package, which offers up five uninterrupted minutes of smashing things, the "Lash Out" session, which lasts for 10 minutes, or the "Demolition" session, which goes on for 25 minutes. The Anger Room will outfit you with safety gear and goggles, and then you're all set to demolish things with reckless abandon until your time is up. I meant what I said earlier when I said this is brilliant.

Of course, the Anger Room is only supposed to be an outlet for your anger, and shouldn't be viewed as actual treatment. If you're battling rage that seems like it could be harmful, it's best to go see a licensed mental health care professional to work through your issues. But, if you just need to let off a little steam, the Anger Room seems like a pretty sweet deal. It's $40 for a 10-minute session, and gift cards are available, so if you know of anyone else who is going through a particularly rough patch, this could be an unexpected surprise.

Check out the Anger Room's website to see what its touring dates look like, and to make a reservation. But, if your city is booked, or you're looking for a more immediate form of gratification, I highly suggest my pizza strategy. It hasn't failed me yet.

Images: Guille Faingold/Stocksy; Giphy (2)