Kim Goes Into Labor On The 'KUWTK' Finale

Last year, basically all anyone talked about was Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, so I expected that the birth of Saint West would be covered on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Unfortunately, the season ended before Saint was born, so we'll have to wait awhile to see him make his big entrance. But on Sunday night, Kim went into labor on the KUWTK season finale... in the final minutes of the episode. No fair!

Most of Kim's scenes during the episode centered around her pregnancy, though, and the fact that she had to give birth way sooner than usual. She was suffering from preeclampsia, and although she was due at the end of December, she also found out that Saint had other plans. Under her doctor's advice, she'd have to be induced on November 23, and that was the latest she could wait before welcoming her little one into the world. Since this pregnancy had been difficult for her, Kim was understandably stressing out about it, as any mom would be.

Oh, and then there's also the happy little fact that Saint was a way bigger baby than normal. Seven pounds when most babies that age are four pounds?! Bless you, Kim.

Then, when Kim went to go see Kris' new apartment — a home her parents used to own that she bought so she could have a private getaway while Kim and her fam are occupying her house — her water broke. Forget due dates, forget what the doctor had in mind. Saint obviously has a mind of his own (just like his parents...), even before he was officially born.

If there was ever a perfect cliffhanger to leave us on, this would be it. I can't wait for next season — and to hopefully get the first real glimpse of Saint so far. Hurry up, Season 12!

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