Cindy Crawford's Makeup-Free Selfie Is Important

One of the original supermodels and one of the most famous faces of the '90s celebrated her birthday this past weekend and she did so in the most awesome way. The always stunning Cindy Crawford turned 50 and marked the milestone occasion with a no makeup selfie. Crawford, who recently refuted rumors that she was retiring from her modeling career for good, enjoyed her first day at 50 with such a gorgeous photo. It was not just a simple Instagram image, either. While the no makeup selfie has become commonplace, and Crawford herself often shows off her bare, fresh, and beautiful face, the makeup-free bday selfie is important for one simple reason.

In the digital day and age, many celebs are rumored to be going under the knife or seeking help from cosmetic surgeons before they even hit 30. Crawford reminds her fans and young girls to love themselves "as is" and to celebrate their natural beauty. Yes, playing with makeup and posing for selfies is a lot of fun and it can also be a creative endeavor, since makeup is art. But stripping down and showing off the real you, without any assistance from product, is a beautiful thing.

The signature mole, the gorgeous chocolate looks, and that glorious grin! She remains a stunner at 50 and a stunner she shall remain.

Crawford remains a source of inspo for so many women for daring to bare! But she goes beyond just posting no makeup selfies. She shares her secrets for maintaining healthy skin with her Meaningful Beauty brand. It's an anti-aging range, but you are never too young to take care of your skin. Who better to employ as a muse than C. Crawford?

While you might be tempted to groan and think, "Sure, she looks like she hasn't aged a bit because she has all the amenities at her disposal, like a glam squad and cash, to help her maintain a youthful glow."

But that's precisely my point. Crawford could do (or have done) all of those things... and she doesn't and didn't. Instead, she celebrated her birthday and her natural beauty. She is the epitome of graceful aging.

Images: Cindy Crawford/Instagram (2)