Kanye West Loves A Spontaneous Nap

Kanye West has been living a busy life this year showing his Yeezy 3 collection at New York Fashion Week and finally releasing his highly anticipated new album The Life of Pablo. Not to mention in between of all that, West was busy tweeting his life away, commenting and ranting about nearly everything under the sun. It has to be exhausting being the self-described genius he is, and although he might want to make us think otherwise, Kanye West get very tired. Wife Kim Kardashian recently shared a photo of West and daughter North sneaking in a nap while out shopping, which reminded me that the rapper has been photographed during many peaceful and sleepy moments.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that artists as big as West are merely human like us, but Kardashian likes to keep him down to Earth. This is definitely not the first time West and North have been caught catching some Zs. Kardashian herself has shared photos of her husband and baby taking naps, often together, which says a lot of their close and adorable relationship. He has also snuck in some naps at hilarious times and been caught by fans, meaning that despite wanting to take business calls at 3 a.m., Kanye West gets sleepy, too.

1. When They Passed Out While Shopping

I know the feeling.

2. When He Napped With The Mother-In-Law

I wonder what they were talking about. It must have been... interesting.

3. When Kim Caught Him in His Deep Slumber

Kim has no chill when it comes to sleeping pics.

4. When North Learned From The Best

They are even matching!

5. When Not Even Queen Elsa Could Entertain Him

He was good sport for North's Disney birthday events, but I know if you put me in a dark theater after a day of walking around in the sun, I would look exactly like this.

6. When His Plane Nap Launched A New Meme

Ummm, if you haven't read the Tumblr story of Kanye and his Kanye Rest, I suggest you get on it fast. It contains gems like, "This is the tale of Kanye West, who is snuggled in his Kanye Nest..."

7. When The Party Was TOO Lit

James Harden's birthday party was so lit, he and Kris burned out fast.

Enjoy that rest, Kanye. You deserve it.

Image: Giphy