11 Dirty Movies That Are Actually Great Films

Dirty movies come in many different shapes and sizes. Though, technically, I guess, all film consists of the same properties, so, maybe that saying doesn't really apply. Whatever, the point is that dirty movies cover a wide range of genres, subjects and dynamics. The one thing they all have in common is, well, that they can all be called "dirty." And we're not talking Mad Max dirty, we're talking sex factor dirty — explicit, dirty sex. In a world were sex sells, there is no shortage of downright dirty movies. Now, dirty movies that are legitimately good, however, are harder to find. Luckily, I've complied a list of 11 dirty movies that are actually really great films.

Interestingly, as I discovered, a lot of good films that happen to have a lot of hot sex scenes are foreign films. This might sound strange, considering all the paranoia America seems to have to shield certain demographics from the sex and violence in media, but it's true. American movies, even independent ones, tend to follow Hollywood guides of censorship, meaning the sex factor is minimal. The MPAA ratings system ensures that movies censor themselves, especially where sex is involved. Still, there are always some that squeak through. Film ratings aside, be warned: you might not want to watch these with your parents, no matter how movie-obsessed they are.

1. Lust, Caution

Lust, Caution is downright dirty. It's also beautiful, intriguing and lovingly directed by Ang Lee. But, I would like to stress that the sex in Lust, Caution is enough to make my French grandmother blush, and that's saying something.

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2. Shame

A disturbingly dark drama that kicks off with a naked Michael Fassbender. Sign me up!

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3. Y Tu Mamá También

Alfonso Cuarón's classic film about three people who go on a road trip of sexual exploration is beloved for a reason.

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4. Blue Is The Warmest Color

The lesbian love story that launched a thousand thinkpieces is definitely worth a look.

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5. Secretary

BDSM comes to the office in this infamously sexy, and at times uncomfortable, film.

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6. Blue Valentine

It's tough to call Blue Valentine a dirty movie, mostly because it's so heartbreaking. But, if you can get past the intense sadness, there are a few risky scenes that almost earned the movie an NC-17 rating.

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7. A Dangerous Method

Who knew a movie about the origins of psycho therapy would be sexy in such a non-clinical way?

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8. The Lover (L'amant)

The Lover, based on a French novel, features a lot of sex. So much, in fact, that rumors persisted that the two leads engaged in actual intercourse during filming. But, be warned: while the sex may be hot, it's also what you might call statutory rape. Not great.

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9. Weekend

This sexy one night stand romance was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award in 2012.

10. Trainwreck

I couldn't let this list go by without one dirty sexy comedy, and it doesn't get much better than Amy Schumer's riotous film.

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11. The Notebook

Go watch the extended sex scenes on the DVD, people! Do it now.

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Enjoy expanding your cinematic horizons, you sexy beasts.

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