Andrew Campbell Could Be 'PLL' Villain Material

The Liars may have thought their days of living in terror were over, but the rest of us knew better. A new Pretty Little Liars villain has now been established and while their identity will most likely not be revealed for some time (because where's the fun in that?), that hasn't stopped diehard fans from racking their Rosewood-obsessed brains with theories about who PLL 's latest Big Bad could be. But, of course, when you're dealing with characters who've all looked suspicious at one point or another, this can be a major challenge. Ezra, Wren, Jason... they've all been put under our microscope. However, there's one person you may have forgotten about. One person who's trying very hard to slip under our radar: Andrew Campbell. Yes, I think there's a distinct possibility that Andrew Campbell is Uber A on Pretty Little Liars .

Like many of the other candidates, Andrew has been MIA for quite some time on this show. In fact, we haven't seen him since the "Songs of Experience" episode, which aired back in June 2015 — well before the five year time jump occurred. So really, there's no telling what he's been up to since then. Quite honestly, though, we could say the same thing about several different characters, so what makes Andrew stand out above the rest, for me? Well, I'm so glad you asked...

He Hates The Liars

Granted, if I was wrongly accused of abducting people and putting them in a dollhouse, I wouldn't be all that happy either, but Andrew's profound hatred of the Liars upon his release made for a very memorable scene. No one has a better motive for wanting to toy with their minds than this guy. Perhaps Charlotte's death finally gave him an opportunity to fulfill his long-awaited revenge.

He's Someone The Liars Already Know

When Hanna asked this new Big Bad if they were someone they already know, the response was a resounding "Yes." It may not be all that helpful in narrowing it down to Andrew, but it certainly doesn't rule him out.

He's Super Tech-y

Remember when Andrew was listening in and tapping Mrs. Hastings' phone calls back when the Liars went missing? Not only is that super shady behavior, but it also proves that he's super stealthy and savvy in the tech department, which is an important quality every A-copycat should aspire to possess. Someone's been watching the Liars both with the Radley security cameras and from a tinted vehicle. Maybe Andrew has reverted back to old habits...

The Farmhouse Connection

Then there's the fact that Mrs. DiLaurentis used to bring her children to the Old Campbell Farm. I refuse to believe that this little piece of information was given to us for no reason. Andrew and his family must share a deep connection with the DiLaurentis', otherwise why would she have brought all three of her children there? Maybe Charlotte and Andrew became good friends and her death has made him obsessed with finding her killer.

This show may introduce a ton of red herrings on a weekly basis, but I have a feeling Andrew has a legit involvement in this growing storyline and it's only a matter of time before the truth makes its way to the surface. For more PLL theories, check out Bustle's latest podcasts below:

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