8 Crazy 'Pretty Little Liars' Theories About Who Killed Charlotte That Actually Make More Sense Than You Think

With a show as twisted as Pretty Little Liars can be, it's hard not to consider the endless possibilities for how the show's mysteries could end. Season 6B of Pretty Little Liars introduced us to not one, but two major mysteries — or, rather, mysterious people. Five years after it was revealed that Charlotte was the person wearing the black hoodie, the Liars got wrapped up in yet another Charlotte-centric mystery with her murder. Someone killed Charlotte in the Season 6B premiere, and now an anonymous, emoji-loving force fans are calling Uber A is threatening the Liars' lives if they don't reveal this murderer's identity. The only problem? The girls have no idea who really killed Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars — and neither do the fans.

That's not stopping the world from coming up with some epic theories, of course... and these theories might not be as crazy as they first sound.

Everyone is a suspect for everything in Rosewood (I mean, even the Liars get some suspect shade on occasion... looking at you, Aria) but you may not have placed these characters at the top of your suspect list just yet. Still, these are characters that have more motive to want Charlotte dead than one might think, which means that we can't cross them off our list just yet:

1. Paige


We haven't seen Paige in a while, but her name was recently mentioned in Season 6B. Alison tells Mona that she thinks that Paige and Emily are "seeing each other" in a clip from the "Five Years Forward" special, which means that Paige is still around, at least in spirit. Paige has always been Emily's biggest protector, and finding out that Charlotte was getting out of the hospital could have sounded alarm bells in Paige's head. Plus, we can't exactly forget about Paige's anger issues, which, once upon a time, caused her to attempt to drown Emily. We may not see Paige in Season 6B (actress Lindsey Shaw isn't currently available, according to showrunner I. Marlene King on Twitter) but that doesn't mean that Charlotte's killer couldn't be revealed sometime in Season 7... when Shaw might be able to appear on the series.

2. Veronica


Veronica was never a fan of the DiLaurentis family, as evidenced by her drunken tirade against Alison's mom. To be fair to Veronica, she had every reason not to like Jessica D. — she did have a secret love child with Veronica's husband — and she definitely had a good reason to hate Charlotte. Maybe Veronica was finally fed up with the life-ruining DiLaurentis' and decided to protect herself and her daughter by offing Charlotte at the bell tower. If the murder weapon really is Melissa's suitcase handle, then Veronica would have just as much opportunity to use it as Melissa would.

3. Kenneth


Ali, Charlotte and Jason's dad wanted nothing to do with Charlotte when she went away to Radley, and hasn't exactly turned over a new leaf. Kenneth didn't have a great reason to hate his daughter before she went to Radley, but now that she attempted to blow him up in the former mental institution, he has a pretty strong motive to want her gone for good. Charlotte's release from the hospital would have given him plenty of opportunity.

4. Jordan

Jordan totally seems too good to be true, and on Pretty Little Liars, those people always are. If Jordan did kill Charlotte, it would be to protect Hanna, which is fairly knightly of him — but, uh, ultimately would make him a murderer. Then again, there's always the possibility that Jordan is an even darker figure than anyone could have possibly suspected and only got close to Hanna to, ultimately, pin Charlotte's murder on her. It could be a stretch, but something has to give with this guy.

5. Lucas


Lucas loathed Alison, and really wanted her to go down for Mona's murder. We didn't see much of Lucas after Ali was cleared of that crime, but it's doubtful that he mentally buried that hatchet with his former enemy. Perhaps Lucas wanted revenge on Alison so badly that he decided to take away the one thing that was most important to her: her sister, Charlotte. It does seem awfully convenient for Lucas to show up just a few days after Charlotte's murder, and for him to put up Emily and Hanna in his apartment — could he be the one setting the girls up to take the fall for Charlotte's death?

6. Mike


Charlotte convinced Mike that his girlfriend was dead, and even though she wasn't, Mona's fake-death still led to their breakup. That's enough motivation for anyone to want someone gone, but the fact that the same woman also kidnapped Mike's sister is a double-whammy. Mike may have been M.I.A. for Season 6B so far, but it might be because he's trying to hide the fact that he was the one who offed Charlotte.

7. Alison


Ali is playing the grieving sister now, but could it all be an act to hide the fact that she was the one who hurt Charlotte? A theory from Tumblr account The Best PLL Theories suggests that Ali may have always been a sociopath, and that she only helped get Charlotte released from the hospital in order to kill her. This theory would undo all of the progress that Ali has made so far (and, uh, bye, bye, any hope of Emison) — but it would give PLL one hell of a twist.

8. No One


Then there's the possibility that Charlotte was never killed at all. We know that the DiLaurentis girls are masters at faking their own deaths, and perhaps Charlotte knew that she was being targeted when she left the house the day she was released from the mental institution. Charlotte could have faked her death in order to save her own life — and if that's the case, someone should really let Uber A know the deal.

These theories may seem crazy, but this is Pretty Little Liars: Most of the time, crazy doesn't even begin to cover it.

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