The One Thing You Should Never Do To Your Face

Sometimes I can be a little impatient with my skin. Although I know that getting your pores in tip-top shape takes a lot of patience and dedication, but sometimes I catch myself doing the one thing you should never to do your face: pop pimples. Instead of trying to properly treat them, I just can't help popping and getting rid of them every now and then, even though I know it isn't the best option when dealing or treating them. But after discovering that doing this can cause really negative effects to my skin, I'm convinced that popping pimples should just be considered a huge no-no, no matter what.

According to WebMD, not only can popping a pimple increase your chances of getting more pimples, but you can also "force the debris and bacteria even deeper into your skin." What's more? "You may also introduce new kinds of bacteria from your finger into the zit. That can cause the pimple to become more red, inflamed, swollen and infected, and may even lead to permanent scarring."

Yes, folks — permanent scarring. While it may be extremely hard to fight that urge of popping your pimple, it's probably safe to just let it be and avoid the possible consequences.

Instead of being in a hurry and feeling impatient with your skin, here are some different alternatives you can do to avoid inflammation, infection, and downright irritation:

Conceal With Makeup

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OK, so usually, I'll try to avoid putting any kind of makeup product on my agitated pimple. However, assistant professor at Emory University School of Medicine, Zakiya Rice, MD, suggests using a "noncomedogenic" concealer. She told WebMD, "Less is more when it comes to covering up a blemish." Instead of using your fingers to apply your makeup, try using a brush instead. That way you won't be building your concealer with oily fingerprints. Make sure your brush is clean to avoid any unwanted bacteria.

Use A Spot Treatment

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You can always use a spot treatment to help the swelling go down. Although it won't immediately disappear, using this formula can help the pimple decrease in size and be somewhat manageable. Using this alternative is a much better option than permanently scarring your face.

Leave It Alone

When it comes down to it, the best option you can do is to just wait and be patient. Personally, I know this can be extremely hard to do, but leaving your pimple alone will be well worth the wait. Curious how long it'll take to heal? WebMD explains, "Left alone, a blemish will heal itself in 3 to 7 days. Popped improperly, it can linger for weeks or even lead to scarring." So just let your pimple be in the meantime. It's better than having to deal with a scar that can last permanently.

Have A Professional Pop It

If you really need to pop it, set up an appointment with a professional. This is the best way to pop a pimple if you simply cannot wait. If you are going to pop it yourself and don't want to set up an appointment, you can use a sterilized needle.

So the next time you see a pimple, breathe and know that it'll disappear eventually. However if you do end up giving in, try an overnight treatment to make sure your pimple doesn't get worse the next day.

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