9 Ways To Tell If You Are An Oversharer

by Lily Feinn
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No one wants to be labelled an oversharer, but for some of us, keeping things to ourselves is just not an option. Whether it’s documenting every craft cocktail on Instagram or letting slip an embarrassingly intimate detail on a first date, an oversharer’s life is an open book — and your true friends love you for that openness. Oversharers launch their prodigious personalities out into the social media stratosphere — becoming “power-users” of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But just because you love documenting your attempts at making slow cooker ramen on the Interwebs, does that make you a member of the TMI club?

A 2012 study found that social media oversharing may stem from a desire to belong. People who overshare about their emotions and everyday dramas, find it easier to express their “true selves" (the way they want to be seen by others) online. Their revealing posts are rooted in feelings of loneliness. Oversharers just want to feel included, to get a little attention, or a loving embrace from their friends on the other side of the screen, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The only problem is that publicly sharing too much info may get you into some sticky situations professionally or personally. Gossip has a way of traveling at light speed. So, where is the line of just enough sharing? Here are some signs that it's time to be little more guarded and give the social media a rest — for the day at least.

1. You Are Constantly Asking People To Hang Out... Over Social Media

You are totally guilty of frequently posting Facebook statuses like "I'm Downtown. Will be here till 8 p.m. Anyone wanna hang? Am totally free and can stop by anytime!" You love spending time with people, so when you find your self with a few hours to kill why not try and make some plans? Your friends always know where to find you because you've tweeted or posted your location recently. Time is basically wasted if there is no one there to talk to, right?

2. Your Family and Friends Act As Free Therapists

You love to talk and have a lot to say. If you were to pay a licensed therapist by the hour you'd be broke by the end of the week. Your bestie knows when she answers the phone that your conversation will never be shorter than an hour. If you're having a crisis, that phone call could take all day.

3. You Won't Buy Something Without A Second Opinion

Every choice in your life is fodder for discussion. Even your selection of breakfast muffin is always a hot topic for debate. When you go shopping for new clothes, you can't buy anything until your posse looks at the pics you texted and have given their approval. You definitely believe the motto that "two heads are always better than one."

4. You Constantly Update Your Facebook Status

Facebook asks every day “What’s on your mind?” and you take that perhaps a little too seriously. You love having a platform to let people know that “Wednesday is bagel day” or that you "are in desperate need of a vacay!" You love sharing inspirational quotes or hilarious cat videos so others can enjoy them. You have no qualms about adding an emoji to capture how you are feeling. You want to let the world know everything you do/eat/feel. You know that you post more than the average bear, but you just love to share!

5. You Hate Awkward Silences (Actually Any Silence At All!)

You will always find a way to fill them up — usually with a personal story about your childhood.

6. You Are Constantly Shoving Your Foot In Your Mouth

You love to talk, but unfortunately you have a habit of saying things without thinking. You've been guilty of spilling friend's secrets before (you've ruined quite a few surprise parties), but your friends forgive you cause they know you can't help yourself. Your privacy settings are essentially non-existent on social media and in life. You tend to say how you are feeling regardless of tactfulness. You are happy to chat about childhood, relationships, and political views — nothing is off limits. Which may make the person seated next to you on an airplane a bit uncomfortable.

7. You Love To Livestream And Post Instagram Videos

You want to bring people into your life, and have them see things through your eyes. You have countless Vlogging ventures and whomever invented Periscope is your hero.

8. Everyone Knows Your Relationship's Dirty Deets

Your friends and family have heard about every up and down in your relationship with your current partner and it is telenovela style drama. You love posting constantly about how wonderful they are, you plaster sweet pictures all over your (and their) feed, and are always first to wish them a happy anniversary #blessed #truelove. But, heaven forbid, break up with you and the wrath of hell will be unleashed on social media.

9. You Don't Know The Difference Between An "Indoor" And "Outdoor" Voice

If you are talking candidly about your terrible cramps in the break room, don't be surprised if everyone in the office suddenly knows about your period. You are extremely open and truthful, however, modulating your volume isn't your strong suit. Why whisper about something private, when they will just probably read about it in your latest Facebook status anyway?

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