Dr. Luke Tweets Response To Kesha’s Claims & Says "Lies Will Be Exposed"

Three days after a judge denied Kesha's request to end her contract with the producer, Dr. Luke is denying Kesha's claims that he drugged and raped her a decade ago on Twitter. Previously, Dr. Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald) released statements via lawyers and countersued Kesha for defamation for her allegations. On Monday, the music producer took to the social media platform to express his own views and opinions about the lawsuit between himself and the 28-year-old singer.

Although his lawyers have spoken out, Dr. Luke himself has remained quiet ever since Kesha came forward with her allegations of sexual abuse. Now, that has changed. In his tweets, Dr. Luke says he believes that everything should be resolved in court and is disappointed in the amount of “speculation out there” based on “so little information.”

The producer also appears worried about his reputation, and comes right out and says that he did not rape Kesha: “I didn’t rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her. Kesha and I were friends for many years and she was like my little sister.” Dr. Luke continued, “Kesha has denied under oath the horrible allegations now being made against me. Here is the testimony.”

He went onto to tweet links to sources that covered the ongoing situation:

Dr. Luke said he is sure “the lies will be exposed and the truth will prevail.”

Kesha’s lawyer told Billboard in 2014 when she filed her lawsuit:

Dr. Luke’s lawyer also released a statement on Monday, not long before Dr. Luke started tweeting, which reads in part,