Drake Just Posted A Sweet Pic Of Rihanna

By Kaitlin Reilly

If you're a fan of all things RiRi, then you've likely streamed her brand-new album Anti as many times as your ears could handle. Rihanna's R&B inspired album is giving fans everything that they want, and her new single off of the album is making everyone take notice — longtime Rihanna fan or not. Rihanna's single "Work" is currently at the top of the iTunes charts, and her sultry new music video, which dropped on Monday, is just one example of why it deserves to be. Of course, it definitely doesn't hurt that Rihanna's new single features friend and longtime collaborator Drake — when these two get together to make music, everyone wins. Of course, in Drake's mind, all the credit for this musical awesomeness goes to his gal pal RiRi — and Drake just posted the sweetest Instagram pic to celebrate their latest collaboration.

Anyone who watched the insane chemistry between RiRi and her alleged ex Drake will wonder whether these two have once again crossed over from the "just friends" border, but whether they have or not, it's hard not to appreciate their super cute friendship. Check out this selfie that Drake posted of him and RiRi that will make you wish that hanging out with your BFF took you to the top of the iTunes charts:

This isn't the first time that Drake and Rihanna have worked on a song together that has soared to the top of the charts. Rihanna was featured on Drake's track "What's My Name" in 2010 while Drake appeared on Rihanna's song "Take Care" in 2011. There's something about these two stars collaborating that creates a musical version of lightning in a bottle — lightning that fans are stoked has struck three separate times now.

Rihanna and Drake's relationship may be hotly contested (seriously, can you really fake this chemistry?) but whether they're just buds or something more, it's great that they have serious respect for one another as artists. Ultimately, it's this bond that will keep fans freaking out whenever one of them is featured on another's single — so here's hoping there's more of where "Work" came from.