Myriad Is More Mysterious Than Ever On 'Supergirl'

I know they say secrets can destroy you, but I used to be pretty sure that's just a figure of speech. Then, other Monday night, we learned that Alura knows about Myriad on Supergirl — and her hologram threatened to self-destruct if they ever mentioned it to her again. Dramatic much? What the heck is Myriad?

The second we get a glimmer of hope about the Fort Rozz prisoners, something like this happens. Kara asked her mother's AI about it because Non had mentioned it during Astra's funeral. That's the second week in a row that this term has come up, and yet we still don't know much about it except that it could be dangerous to Earth, Astra was having second thoughts, and whatever it is, it has already begun. Let's start ruling out some noun categories. Is that too nerdy? This is a show about superheroes, after all. Anyway, Myriad is probably not a person or a place. It could be an object, like a piece of technology. It could be an ideology. It could be some kind of master plan. It could even be a plague. The word "myriad" in English just means "countless," "lots," and historically "ten thousand" to be specific — but that still isn't all that helpful.

The really scary thing is, why did Alura know about it? Is she connected to Myriad? Does this have something to do with Krypton's destruction? Actually, back up for just one second. Why does Alura's AI programming know about it? Is there a mole within the DEO that knows about Myriad? This is clearly something very dangerous, right? Non called it the cure to humanity's disease, and Astra said it would save the planet by bringing humanity to it's knees. Neither of those descriptions are particularly appealing.

Image: Darren Michaels/CBS