Britney Releases A Mini "Breathe On Me" Video

Britney Spears is back... sort of. No, the singer hasn't unexpectedly dropped a new song. No, she didn't announce another world tour. And, no, there hasn't been another possible hint about her upcoming album. Instead, she's bringing back a song she released 13 years ago on her fourth album, In The Zone, in the form of a new mini-music video. The "Piece of Me" singer took to social media on Tuesday to make a statement once again. Britney Spears' "Breathe On Me" Instagram video is a simple and empowering look back at a song that seemed to stay under the radar at the time of the album's release and never had its own music video. And now, well, it looks like Britney is ready to give the song its time to shine, and giving herself her time to shine as well.

That's right. Spears put the mini-music video together herself. On her own terms. Without following any rules about what songs — new or old — should get videos. Instead, with one Instagram post, Spears took control of her music and her sexuality. Between rocking her outfit, showing off her tattoo, kicking ass with sultry dance moves, and just generally having fun, it's hard to not want to be Britney Spears in this moment. And, when listening to the song again, I totally get why Spears didn't want to just let this one go.

According to the post's caption, bringing the song back now could have easily been a fun little moment she decided to film for her fans. As she wrote: “Girls just wanna have fun Never released a video for this song… so decided to do a little tease on Instagram instead… enjoy!!” However, this isn't the first time that the '90s pop sensation has released lingerie-filled videos on Instagram in recent history. In fact, she sparked hopes of a new music video with sultry black-and-white dance clips she released on Instagram in January 2016. And, in that same month, Britney added "Breathe On Me" to her Las Vegas "Piece Of Me" residency. So, could a full-length "Breathe On Me" music video be in the works? Or could she possibly be including "Breathe On Me" as a re-release on her next album's track list? Honestly, I wouldn't rule those two possibilities out.

Just take a look at the clip and see for yourself.

Yep — it's Britney b*tch.