You Have To See Kate Middleton In Athleisure

If you weren’t sure about it before, well, it’s official now. Leggings can in fact be worn as pants because Kate Middleton was just spotted her most laid-back outfit yet — which yes, consisted of black leggings. I mean, I was already in the mindset that leggings could indeed be acceptable in public, but if they’re even good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, they’ll surely do for me. And anyone else, for that matter.

Athleisure wear is super trendy right now, and leggings are a big part of pulling off that perfect off-duty look. Clearly, Middleton gets it. She paired a bulky black suede-looking jacket with her leggings, which is the perfect ratio if you ask me. Baggy on the top and tight on the bottom is just the right combo for athleisure attire, and naturally, she nailed it. She topped off the sporty ensemble with a pair of sneakers and honestly looked like any of us might look while out and about running errands.

She may be royalty, but she certainly isn’t stuffy, and this only proves it. She might not get the opportunity to wear things like this often because she’s a busy woman with lots of formal public gatherings to attend, but, at least we know that in her downtime, she’s just like the rest of us. Check out her most laid-back outfit yet along with nine times she’s been super fancy, just to prove how relaxed this look really is.

She does the athleisure trend so well, doesn't she?

1. Floor-Length Floral

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This floral gown is a far cry from athletic wear, but she looks absolutely amazing.

2. Formal Frock

Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She and Prince William sure clean up nicely, don't they?

3. Black Lace

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Middleton is quite elegant in this black lace dress.

4. Dainty Dress

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She is so ladylike in this darling white dress.

5. Pretty In Pink

Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This dress is girly and fun, but still quite fitting for a duchess, don't you agree?

6. Matching Dress & Hat

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Her headwear perfectly matches the rest of her attire, in true British fashion.

7. Prim & Proper

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Middleton is perfectly put-together at all times.

8. Lady In Red

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She always arrives in style.

9. Blushing Bride


Her wedding dress is the fanciest thing she's ever worn, celebrating her big day in the most fashionable way possible.

Middleton dresses perfectly for any occasion, even for a casual day of shopping. But, then again, what else would you expect from a duchess?

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