Stephen Colbert's Pistachios Super Bowl Ad Is Predictably Great

"Since I was a child, I've dreamed of working with America's premiere nut company," Stephen Colbert once said. And, as it turns out, that dream has come true. The world will see it come to fruition during Super Bowl Sunday, thanks to Colbert's first commercial for Pistachios. Make that commercials as in addition to the teaser, two actually aired during one commercial break of the game.

In the teaser for the spot, The Colbert Report host, in typical fashion, thought the Super Bowl was being played in honor of his debut commercial. (But when it comes to Colbert Nation, that's pretty much the exact purpose of the Super Bowl, right?)

It seems Pistachios is certainly hoping to enjoy the Colbert bump — its ad, with him just sitting with his beloved eagle is as simple as it gets. Either way, it's hard not to love. After all, we are talking about Stephen Colbert, a man who we can most definitely describe as (wait for it) a nut.


And, even if you were disappointed, Colbert returned for a second spot... with a few more special effects. Enjoy, Colbert Nation:


And enjoy increased sales via Colbert Nation, Pistachios.

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