10 Quick Fixes For Unruly Bangs

The fringe is undeniably back again (I mean, just look at how chic Emma Watson looks these days), but they can be a lot of work to maintain. And in addition to everyday maintenance, sometimes you just really need to fix bangs on a totally bad hair day. And as any one rocking them will tell you, it's not as easy as throwing your hair into a ponytail. When you have bangs and fly-aways, you need to actually style these babies since they're front and center, right there on your forehead. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to make them look great even on your worst hair days.

It doesn't have to be a struggle, either, sometimes it's as easy as a little flyaway-smoothing styling cream or using a perfectly-sized round brush to blow them out. If styling products or heating tools just aren't working for you, a silk scarf is a statement piece that works great, too. Whether you just finished working out or you woke up with creases in your bangs, there's a solution. And don't freak out if your bangs are looking a little flat or oily today, these ten quick fixes have got you covered.

Blow Out Your Bangs With A Mini Round Brush

Mini Nylon Hair Bristle Round Brush, $8, Amazon

Sometimes you need to give your bangs a little extra attention. This Mini Round Brush is the perfect size to blow out your bangs and give them the volume they need. Just section off your bangs, and run this brush under your hair while you blow your hair out to pump them up and keep them looking fresh.

French Braid Bangs With Algae Extract For A Boho Headband

SachaJuan Styling Cream, $23, Amazon

For days when your bangs just won't behave, a cute braid across the front of your hair is the most adorable way to style them. Add some of the SachaJuan Styling Cream to your hair for extra hold, so you won't get a bunch of flyaway ends coming out of the braid. This styling cream has algae-based extracts to build proteins in your hair, which make it stronger, so your hair will be growing healthier all day long.

Pull Out Travel-Sized Heating Tools for A Quick Touch-Up

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium 1/2" Mini Iron, $25, Amazon

When you're traveling, the last thing you want to do is carry a bunch of styling products with you. The BaBylissPro Nano Titanium 1/2" Mini Iron is the perfect size to fit in any bag. You can plug it in, and run it through your bangs a few times just to fix anything that may have got messed up while you were sleeping last night.

Give Your Hair Some Texture With Volumizing Hair Spray

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray, $13, Amazon

One of the easiest ways to give your bangs a little texture is to spray your fingers with some Sebastian Shaper Hairspray and run them through your hair. When you spray the product on your fingers, it helps your hair to have some hold without getting crunchy. This hairspray gives your hair plenty of lift and volume, plus it's quick drying — so your hair won't feel weighed down.

If You're In Need of a Trim, Pin Bangs Back With Metallic Shine

Vidal Sassoon Leaf Jean Wire Barrette (Set of 2), $6, Amazon

If your bangs are in need of a trim and they're getting in your eyes, this Vidal Sassoon Barrette set is the cutest solution. (Leave it up to the guy who created '60s style icon Mia Farrow's pixie cut to have the best barrettes in the game.) You get two barrettes in each package so you can pin both sides back or go asymmetrical with a side swept look.

Soak Up Sweat With A Dry Shampoo Powder

Aveda New Shampure Dry Shampoo, $19, Amazon

This little bottle of dry shampoo is your greasy hair savior. The Aveda New Shampure Dry Shampoo soaks up bang oils, and just one squeeze gives you the right amount of product to refresh your bangs. Let it sit in your hair for a minute before you shake out the excess power, and you'll be good as new. Users love the way it smells with 25 pure flower and plant essences, so it's great for post-workout to leave you smelling fresh, too.

Tie Your Hair Up In A Silk Patterned Scarf

Corciova Designer Scarf, $10, Amazon

Whether you biked to work or you just woke up with wonky-looking bangs, the Corciova Designer Scarf is the perfect way to tie it all up and look extra trendy. These scarves come in several colors and patterns, so they work with every outfit, and you'll get tons of compliments on your eye-catching accessory. This silk scarf looks oh-so-classic, no one would ever know your bangs aren't looking their best.

Give Your Bangs An Extra Curl With The Skinny Iron

Hot Tools Micro-Mini Spring Hair Curling Iron, $29, Amazon

It's not a myth, you can have bangs with curly hair. To fix up your curls when they get flattened overnight (or just need a little touch up), the Hot Tools Curling Iron is the ideal solution. The barrel is super thin, so it can curl just about any length of hair — short hair, especially. It also has plenty of heat settings, so you won't damage your hair with super high temperatures.

Camouflage Unruly Hair With The Sweat-Wicking Headband

BLOM Multi Style Headband, $15, Amazon

After long workouts at the gym, your bangs are probably going to be sweaty — possibly sticking to your forehead. If you have plans and no time to go home and shower, slip on this BLOM Headband. It's sweat-wicking, which makes it great to wear during your workout, too, so your skin can breathe, and the pores on your forehead won't get clogged up.

Keep Your Bangs Out of The Way And Crease-Free

MERSUII Front Hair Bang Curler, $8, Amazon

If you ever get creases in from clipping back bangs during your makeup routine, you need to try the MERSUII Front Hair Bang Curler. This clip holds your hair in place, so it's not in the way while you're getting ready (no more mascara'd bangs!). Plus, it's designed with a gentle curve, so you won't get any awkward dents when you take it out.

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