Could Uber A Be Someone's Twin On 'Pretty Little Liars'? This Theory Could Definitely Be Possible

It took the Liars two years and six seasons to finally unmask Big A, but just because Charlotte DiLaurentis is no longer tormenting them from under a black hoodie doesn't mean that their troubles are over. In fact, in many ways, Charlotte is still reason for the latest threats: The new A attacking the Liars is doing so because they want to get revenge on whoever killed the former villain. Charlotte's murder has put the Liars on both the police and Uber A's watchlists, and right now, we have absolutely no clue who might be sending Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria terrifying, emoji-laden texts. However, new clues have emerged from showrunner I. Marlene King's Twitter that seem to suggest this Uber A could be connected to someone in Rosewood in a major way. I'm pretty convinced that PLL 's Uber A could be someone's twin, and it could change absolutely everything.

The so-called "twin theory" has been around since practically the beginning of Pretty Little Liars, as Sara Shepard's book series introduced Alison's identical twin Courtney. In the books, Ali is the real "Uber A," while Courtney is the girl who ended up in Ali's grave. Though showrunner King stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in March 2015 that we won't see Courtney on the TV version of Pretty Little Liars , she did later share these two major twin clues on her Twitter account — and they are pretty mind-blowing.

Is it possible that whoever has a twin on Pretty Little Liars has no real connection to the overall Uber A storyline? Like any good mystery, PLL is built on red herrings, so it's absolutely possible — but with something as jaw-dropping as the ultimate answer to the "twin thing," it seems far more likely that both mysteries are connected, perhaps in the craziest way ever. Could PLL follow the books and make a twin the ultimate villain?

King dropped a major clue about the identity of Uber A back in an interview with TVGuide in December 2015, and it easily could connect to the twin thing:

"By the end of [Season] 6B, you will pretty much know who or who's related to this big bad."

"Related" is an interesting choice of words — "connected" or "working for" would likely work if we were talking about a minion like Sara Harvey, but in this context it almost seems more likely that King was trying to be literal. Someone we already know could be related to Uber A — and it may just be that someone is Uber A's twin.

Crazier things have happened — but we'll have to wait until the twin finally emerges on PLL to find out if they could be Uber A adjacent.

Image: Freeform