How To Throw A Grown-Up Pizza Party

Raise your hand if you are an adult who misses pizza parties. OK, if you aren’t raising your hand right now, I’m going to assume it's because you never stopped throwing pizza parties (great plan). And if that's not the case either, I'm going to assume that you’re on Team Ice Cream Social, which, fine. I don’t agree with you, but fine. Where was I? Oh, right. The pizza party. It wasn't just a get-together that happens to feature a couple of pies; it was a party where pizza was the guest of honor. What a beautiful thing.

Whether it was a slumber party, a birthday party, a school party, a scout troop’s party, or a roller hockey team’s year-end party, no celebration was complete without the scent of freshly baked pizza crust wafting in the breeze. And it is a shame pizza parties aren’t as integral to adulthood as they are to childhood. Sure, that box of ‘za sitting in the office break room is great and all, but it’s just not the same.

Hold up. What's stopping us from throwing pizza soirées? We're adults! We can do whatever we want! We can put a grown-up spin on the tradition and keep on pizza partying until the break of dawn. In partnership with DIGIORNO Pizza, we're showing you how it's done.

1. Mail Invitations Out To Your Guests

Once upon a time, young humans received invitations to pizza parties by way of snail mail. To see a party invite waiting in the mailbox was A Very Big Deal. So why not pay tribute to this ancient, storied tradition by mailing out your invites to your ‘za get-together? Everyone will appreciate your commitment to the bit.

(Pro tip: On the invite, be sure to ask that your guests contact you with any dietary requirements.)

2. Prepare The Party Space

Vacuum the carpet, dust the shelves, hang up a few strings of lights, make sure the bathroom is in an acceptable state, and BAM. You’ve got yourself an effortlessly chic place to host a pizza party.

3. Buy Some DiGiorno Pizzas

And don't only pick your favorite one. Be a good host! Go with an assortment of pies: Pizzeria! Supreme, Pepperoni, Margherita...

4. Pick Out Some Fancy Waters To Wash Down The 'Za

Yeah, you could stick with some regular ol' tap water, but why not take your grownup pizza party to the next level? Stock up on flat, sparkling, and flavored waters. Your guests will be impressed and refreshed by all of the glamorous options.

5. Set Up A Miniature Salad Bar In Your Kitchen

That way, everyone can make their own personal side salads just the way they like 'em.

6. Prepare The Pizzas With Your Guests

Rather than ordering pizza from the place up the street, why not let the pizza-making be part of the ambiance? Unwrap a few DIGIORNO Pizzas, throw ’em in the oven, let ‘em bake until the crust is jusssst right, and ready yourself for some hot and fresh magic. Your home will smell like delicious pizza, and your guests will be happy.

7. Play DanceDanceRevolution

Do you know what goes well with pizza? Video games, duh. Go ahead and unfurl the ol’ DDR mats and dance it out while the ‘zas bake in the oven. You have fewer than 30 minutes. Go!

8. Fire Up The Karaoke

Once the party is ready to move on from DDR (it happens to the best of us), plug a rented karaoke machine into your television set and let the hours of at-home scream-singing madness begin.

9. Organize A Pizza-Themed Costume Contest

Provide each of your guests with the necessary supplies (i.e., a pile of felt and hot glue guns) and tell them they have one hour to assemble a pizza-themed costume. And then, tell them there will be a fashion show/costume contest. Bonus points to anyone who really goes for it and dresses up like Pizza Rat.

10. Hand Out Trophies To All Of Your Guests

Because what is a pizza party without a bunch of plastic participation awards?

11. And Most Importantly...EAT PIZZA.

Cheese? Check. Delicious crust? Check.

This post is sponsored by DIGIORNO Pizza , which helps you rise to the occasion, whatever it may be.

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