Radio Shack's 2014 Super Bowl Ad Proves It's Ready to Leave the '80s — VIDEO

Remember the last time you went to a Radio Shack? If you're above 30, the answer probably is when you were about 7. If you're younger than 30, you're answer will be: What is Radio Shack? And we would hardly blame you — the store, seen in every suburban mall you've ever stepped in, has failed to be relevant for the better part of three decades. But, based on the company's Super Bowl ad, it seems Radio Shack itself is well aware of its reputation, which has suffered a hit as tech companies like Apple have surged. In a short commercial, Radio Shack recruited other 1980s has-beens like Dee Snider, Hulk Hogan, Mary Lou Retton (holy Olympics!), and Kid 'n Play as a metaphor for its company.

So, essentially, Radio Shack is out to prove just one thing: It's as ready to leave behind the 1980s as you are ready to leave behind photos of your crimped hair in the 1980s. To put it in the company's words: "It's time for a new Radio Shack." That said, based on the commercial's final seconds, the company refuses to leave everything in the '80s. And if Radio Shack manages to bring back Ecto Cooler — well, we certainly would think that's rad.

Watch the commercial below!


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