Are there No female Engineers in Germany?

The Super Bowl is notorious for its stereotyped male audience, and, in the same vein, its male centric advertisers. From burgers to brews to cars and alcohol ads, the Super Bowl is a machine designed and polished for men — that is, the beer-drinking-women-ogling types who probably make up a very small percentage of actual Super Bowl viewers. Nevertheless, it came as no surprise to see not a single female engineer earning her "wings" in a ridiculous Volkswagen commercial that aired during Sunday's Super Bowl.

The spot features Dad telling Daughter what a big deal it is to reach 100,000 miles on his car. And uses an analogy stolen from one of Hollywood's greats, It's a Wonderful Life, to get his point across: Whenever a driver reaches the landmark 100,000 miles, an engineer gets his wings. And as each engineer grows his wings, we noticed the constant: They're all dudes. One dude even sprouts his wings in an elevator, bumping the behind of a female who subsequently slaps him (we're not entirely sure how this factors into Dad's story, but they had to fit one hot chick in there, right?)

You can watch the Volkswagen sausage fest below:

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