Tim Tebow Saves Puppies In Super Bowl Ad

Tim Tebow had his moment of fame during this year's Super Bowl, though it wasn't on the field. The former Heisman Trophy winner stars in this year's T-Mobile clever Super Bowl ad, showing us what he's been up as a free agent in the NFL. It turns out he's been a busy man — delivering babies, taking selfies with Big Foot, and throwing a football on the moon. Tebow was paying with the New England Patriots until he was cut in August 2013, but the T-Mobile ad shows it's not so bad to be without a contract.

“Everyone thinks I want a contract, but without one, I’ve done so much this year," Tebow says.

The Super Bowl commercial shows that he's a jack of all trades with unlimited possibilities. He saves puppies from a burning building. He rides in a rodeo. He has a plan for world peace. He performs his own stunts, complete with creepy 70s mustache. What can't he do? Plus, he's a good sport, poking fun at his athletic career, or current lack thereof.

We're not sure of Tebow's many talents can improve T-Mobile's less-than-stellar service, but maybe the Super Bowl spot can nab him a contract.

Image: T-Mobile

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