Americans Want to Boycott Multilingual Coke Ad

The Super Bowl is full of some of the best commercials you'll see all year. They are hilarious, full of action, and sometimes, very heartfelt. Coke's contribution to the madness is of the latter offering, showing us just what America is all about: a melting pot of cultures. The Coke ad features children singing America the Beautiful in a variety of different languages, and is honestly quite sweet. Yet some people have taken to Twitter to say how hateful it is that a Coke advertisement about America, singing Amurrka's song gosh darn it, is being sung in a language that's not English.

But these people are idiots. And should probably be added to the short list of people we wouldn't mind seeing deported behind Justin Bieber. Because what is America if not a beautiful blend of a plethora of cultures? What makes America so unique and beautiful is that we, on our good days, are accepting of all cultures, races, languages, and certainly — all children. So settle down folks, those nationalists who are complaining about this advertisement should truly be celebrating it for embracing the very core of what makes our country unique.


Alas, here's Coke's advertisement featuring America the Beautiful in several languages:

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