7 Struggles Of Being A Writer In Winter

Spring is almost here, and it couldn't come sooner. I don't know about you, but this winter was such a struggle for me. I'm a Southern gal transplanted to the Northeast, and this was only my second real winter. While everyone hear was making jokes about unseasonably warm it is, I was experiencing some of the coldest weather of my life. The worst part was that my writing took a turn for the worse. Apparently my muse is like a bear and goes into hibernation when it's cold. Despite all my lofty dreams of Pulitzer Prizes and New York Times Bestsellers, I hardly got a lick of creative writing done. It's like the cold rolled in, and my brain just froze in place.

Winter is terrible for everyone, but when you're a writer it throws a major loop for you. Writing is such a temperamental activity in the first place, and in any conditions it can be hard to motivate yourself. But when it gets cold and icky outside? Things go from hard to impossible.

Here are some of the worst parts about the writer's life in winter. I can't wait for the sun to come out and chase all of these problems away.

1. Your Bed Is So Inviting

How are you supposed to get any writing done when you could be warm and cozy?

2. You Have Fewer Options Of Places To Write

Forget sprawling out in the park or sitting out on the patio. You're basically tied to home.

3. And Because Everyone's Stuck at Home, There's So Much Going on It's Hard to Concentrate

It's impossible to write when you can't focus.

4. Seasonal Affective Disorder Zaps Your Energy

It's so hard to motivate yourself when everything is cold and gray.

5. Your Notebooks Are Always at Risk of Getting Wet

Water damage is the worst.

6. Long Walks Are More Challenging Than Relaxing

Walking is my No. 1 trick for getting my brain in a writing mode, but when I have to fight off the elements the whole time, it's counterproductive.

7. The Never-Ending Cold Makes You Feel Stuck

How are you supposed to be inspired anything when everything is dark and cold for what feels like forever?

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