Watch Foul-Mouthed Melissa Rauch In 'The Bronze'

by Anna Klassen

Starring The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch and Captain America: Civil War's Sebastian Stan, The Bronze, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2015, is a story about one woman trying to hold onto her glory days. Rauch plays Hope Ann Greggory, an Olympic medalist who took home a bronze medal for the U.S. gymnastics team a decade ago. But since then, Hope hasn't done much of anything with her life. She lives with her dad, attempts to use her minor (and fading) fame for free stuff, and she continues to wear her Olympic team uniform on a daily basis.

But her status as the town's Olympic hero is threatened when newcomer Maggie (Ravenswood's Haley Lu Richardson), who is training for the Olympics herself. Foul-mouthed Hope is tasked with training Maggie, but she desperately clings to the spotlight and doesn't want someone else — a younger, perhaps even better athlete — to usurp her. The film also stars Veep's Gary Cole, Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch, and SNL's Cecily Strong. Both Sebastian Stan and Middleditch play Hope's competing romantic interests in the film.

The Bronze hits theaters March 18. Watch an exclusive (and NSFW) clip below:

Image: Duplass Brothers Productions