Justin Bieber Posed Nude For 'Clash'

In case you were needing a closer look at all of Justin Bieber's tattoos (you were), he's giving you that — and a whole lot more. According to E! Online, Justin Bieber posed nude for Clash Magazine, but there is one thing he actually is covering up. Spoiler: It's his hair.

The singer covers the magazines 100th anniversary issue in the most statement making way possible — by posing nude. I mean, naturally. The Biebs shows off his bod, as well as his insane number of tattoos, by posing next to the ocean, wearing nothing but a hat. Sorry fans of his platinum hair, you aren't getting any peaks at it here. Even though it sounds a little risqué, it's actually very tastefully done, and the whole washed-out lighting thing really works. Especially given how pensive he's looking. Wonder if he's thinking about that Selena Gomez tattoo on his forearm there?

It's not like we've never seen him shirtless before, but we've never really gotten this much of a look at his tattoos all at one time. And they are pretty epic, so they definitely deserve to be displayed in all of their glory. Also, who's really mad about a nude Justin Bieber?

If this doesn't sell magazines, I'm not sure what will.

Though this is definitely the best one yet, check out these seven other times Justin Bieber showed off his tats.

1. In Bed

We only got a peek at one here, and there are plenty more where that came from.

2. Open-Jacket

Four is better than one.

3. The Sleeve

Digging the rose, there.

4. Grainy

Really, Justin? Do you expect us to decipher your tattoos with that kind of lighting?

5. In His Calvins

He's really just teasing us at this point.

6. At The Gym

Pulling a Tinder move with the shirtless gym selfie. Nice.

7. In A Towel

The closest we've seen him to nude up until this magazine cover.