6 Reasons To Unplug & Enjoy A Night Around The Table With Your Roomies

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s pretty likely that you spend the majority of your day looking at a screen of some sort. Between spreadsheets at work, checking Instagram on your way home, and reading things like "13 Things I Noticed Rewatching High School Musical As An Adult" in bed, it's hard not to be glued to your devices 24/7. It turns out that too much screen time isn't that great for your health — or your friendships.

Even though friends are pretty much essential to your sanity, it can be tricky to schedule time to see them. So, why not start with the people you live with? Yes, that means you should probably get up and talk to your roommate rather than texting her from the next room. (You can do it!)

The best entry point to roomie BFF status is, of course, food. Schedule a dinner with your roommates. (Seriously, put it on your calendars.) Even if you have busy day jobs or back-to-back classes, you can always reserve the evening for chill time. But the key word is definitely "chill." There's nothing that kills roommate bonding faster than a tiff over what to make for dinner. Cue everyone's favorite food: pizza. We've partnered with DIGIORNO Pizza to give you all the motivation you need to set up a roommate date. Put down your phone, pop a Rising Crust pizza in the oven, and get ready for some serious bonding.

It’ll Give You a Break From Work


For a lot of people, it can be really difficult to totally unplug from work. A push notification from your inbox is guaranteed to send you into an "oh, no, I have to work" spiral. But, guess what? Likely, nothing's on fire, and it can almost always wait for tomorrow. So go ahead and take a night off to hang out and share a meal with your roommates. You’ve more than earned it, and it's about time you connected with the other people who live in your home.

It's Completely Stress-Free


Frankly, there are few things worse than trying to coordinate a dinner out at a restaurant, even if it’s with people who sleep just down the hall from you. First, you have to pick the place. Then, you have to decide on a time and make a reservation. And let’s not even get started about splitting the check. Skip all the hassle of eating out by eating in instead. Not only will your home smell like delicious, fresh-baked pizza, but you can stay in your comfy clothes.

It’ll Keep Money In Your Pocket


If you’re looking to have a nice night with your roommates on a budget, eating in can save some of your hard-earned cash. Take turns buying the dessert or side salad, so everyone wins.

It’s A Chance To Get A Little Fancy


It’s time to put a little ceremony back into our meals. Instead of coming home and mindlessly eating leftover Chinese food while watching John Oliver, let’s put in some actual effort. But that doesn’t mean you have to learn hold to fold cloth napkins in the shape of swans, by any means. Start by simply eating at your table (instead of the couch), using real plates (instead of eating out of the takeout container), and getting restaurant-quality pizza (try DIGIORNO pizzeria !™). We promise that these few easy changes will really elevate your dining experience.

You Deserve To Celebrate The Small Wins


Got a promotion at work? Did your roommate finish up a large freelance project? Are you excited that it’s Wednesday and the workweek is half over? Regardless of the size of the accomplishment, you deserve not just one cheese, but four cheeses on your pizza. You can even call it "Quattro Formaggi" if you're feeling fancy.

There's Nothing Like A Little Friendly Competition


What better reason to stay in than a rainy day? Instead of spending yet another night watching movies and aimlessly swiping on your dating app, why not play a fun game with the people you live with, instead? After fighting over the last slice of pepperoni, keep the competition going by clearing the table and breaking out your favorite childhood games. Winner gets to finish that 'za.

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This article is sponsored by DIGIORNO Pizza, helping you rise to every occasion — including your impromptu roomie gathering.