13 Reasons 'Buffy' Never Gets Old

by Jordana Lipsitz

In my quest as a lover of media, I try to watch everything I can get my mitts on (or at least, everything that appears on Netflix). I try not to watch anything twice because my time is better spent finding new content. However, the one show I allow myself to watch over and over again is Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which like the many vampires it features, never gets old. I will never stop watching and re-watching Buffy because the show is, in my opinion, the best thing that happened to late '90s and early '00s television.

Everything from the acting to the plotlines to the dialogue makes this show not only hugely interesting, but incredibly well-made. Some critics might blow Buffy off as a ridiculous teen monster-of-the-week drama (and those people are horribly misinformed and are probably minions of The First), but I see it for what it really and truly is: a television show about feminism and the difficulties of teenhood before anybody else was doing that sort of thing. I'm not saying Buffy The Vampire Slayer is the greatest show ever made, per se (although feel free to argue that it is), but there are many reasons that make this show worth a re-watch — and then another one. And another one.

1. The Feminism

It's impossible to not be a feminist show when you feature complicated, powerful slayers (who can only be female) kicking butt left and right.

2. The Acting

I challenge you to find a mostly comedic series that will make you cry as hard as Buffy. The actors play their characters so intensely that you believe every moment of it, and you truly feel for them — whether it's when they become mad with power and want to destroy the world (aka Willow) or have to sacrifice themselves for all of humanity (aka Buffy).

3. The Plotlines

OK, so the one where Xander joins a hyena pack is kinda weird, and there are definitely quite a few storylines that are just as hokey, but far more of the episodes have viewers at the edge of their seats for the entire 45 minutes.

4. The Dialogue

Buffyspeak is the only dialect I speak or ever want to speak.

5. The Love Interests

Look, I hate Buffy's love interests: Angel's constant brooding is boring, Riley is weak, and Spike is emotionally and physically abusive. But I love to hate them. And oh, how I love to look at them.

6. The Character Development

Whodathunk little Willow would go from the nerdy, quiet sidekick to a woman experimenting in witchcraft to an insanely powerful witch who goes evil to an insanely powerful witch that uses her powers for good? That is just one example of the amazing character changes that go on in Buffy.

7. The Hairstyles

There's a lot of hair evolution that goes down for the ladies in the Buffyverse. It's always enjoyable to go through the seasons and see what styles look good on different characters, and remember some of the strangest trends (remember when Buffy had bangs?).

8. The Fashion

Sometimes questionable, but always fun to see. I wish I, too, had an endless wardrobe.

9. The Friendships

The father/daughter dynamic this twosome has is beautiful to watch as it grows and develops through the years. I still get teary-eyed anytime Giles gives the Buffster a pep talk.

10. The Scoobies

Unfortunately, I am unable to find a group of friends who I can solve supernatural mysteries with. I often use the Scooby gang as a substitute.

11. The Musical Episode

Anytime I'm feeling a bit down, I put this episode of Buffy on and proceed to dance and sing along. Spike's solo number is reason enough, but all of it is incredibly enjoyable.

12. The Guest Stars

Poor Kendra (RIP). Though she was only in the series for a short while, she will always remain in my heart and mind. I continue to watch Buffy in her memory.

13. The Villains

Buffy has some very scary but highly entertaining big bads running around. Nothing makes you feel like you can conquer your own demons quite like watching the Scoobies take down the villains in the series.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go. I've got an entire series to re-watch before that fateful day when Netflix finally removes it from the queue. And then I'll have to re-watch it again when I get the DVD box set just to, you know, test it out. As you can see I've got a lot of work to do, and so do you. Get watching!

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