9 Ways to Make Exercising Easier

From long days at the office to sporadic drinks afterward and leisurely brunches on the weekend, our schedules are consistently jam-packed. Add workout sessions into the mix — an experience that's already pretty grueling — and you can be left wondering what would make exercising easier. But if you're among the majority of people who believe there are not enough hours in the day, there are ways to optimize the workouts you do have time for.

At the very least, there are certain habits you can adopt that help you make the most out of your exercise by getting your body in tip-top condition. You can do these things by making small changes every day, like tweaking how you exercise, getting yourself to finally drink those eight water glasses a day, and making sure you're actually sleeping soundly through the night.

It doesn't require a drastic lifestyle transformation to make exercise easier or meet your personal fitness goals. But you can make it much easier on yourself by taking advantage of a few fitness tools that will be there with you every step of the way. Having a new gadget that gets you excited about pumping up your heart rate makes the routine even better. Plus, it's a whole lot more helpful than that overpriced contour kit you've been eyeing.

Track Your Heart Rate To Get the Most From Your Workout

Juboury Bluetooth Fitness Tracker, $26, Amazon

If you're already exercising every day, use this smart fitness tracker to watch your heart rate during your normal workout. You can use it to record your steps, distance, and time, and the band even monitors your sleep quality overnight. By tracking your heart rate, you're better able to assess the difference between your minimum and maximum effort. If you're interval training (aka, alternating between minimum and maximum effort), you'll be able to track how much energy your body is using.

Build Muscle Mass By Stepping Up Your Push-Up Game

Perfect Fitness Rid Deck System, $25, Amazon

Strengthen your core and arms by sliding out this deck system, and holding onto the handles. The slides move up and down the deck, so that you can take advantage of nine different movements that build your strength. Users say their sense of balance improved dramatically after using this system, too.

Actually Enjoy Blood-Pumping Cardio With A Fun Fitness Stepper

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper, $58, Amazon

Give your body a run for its money by using this compact, store-anywhere stepping machine. It's basically a mini elliptical that you can store in the corner of your living room. Not only can you adjust the resistance on the machine, but it also has detachable arm bands for full-body workouts. Its easy-to-read LCD screen tracks your progress, while durable steel construction ensures it's not conking out on you anytime soon.

Strength Train With Neoprene Weights That Won't Tear Up Your Hands

ProSource Neoprene Dumbbell (1-12 lb) , $21, Amazon

People with more muscle mass have higher resting metabolic rates, which means training with these nonslip weights is a good start to boosting yours. They're a good pick for beginners because their neoprene coating prevents calluses, while the mix of color-coded weights let you progress over time. Smart hexigonal ends mean they won't roll away from you mid-workout.

Drink Your Favorite Fruits & Daily Eight Cups Simultaneously

FreshTek Fruit Infusion Water Bottle, $20, Amazon

When your body is properly hydrated, you'll have more energy because your body is making the most of the the nutrients you consume. This fruit-infusion water bottle lets combines fresh, delicious fruits with your daily eight glasses, so you can down your favorite nutritious flavor with water every day. The bottle comes with a special sponge brush for easy cleaning, and the leakproof tapered bottom means it fits in your cupholder. Plus, FreshTek even sends you an e-book with different tea recipes to try out.

Monitor Your Water Intake With A 'Smart' Bottle

HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle , $19, Amazon

For the no-nonsense hydrator, keep track of how much you're drinking with this hydration monitoring bottle. It records how much you've had throughout the day, and then calculates your water habits to pace you accordingly. No more trying to remember how much you've already had — this tool does it all for you.

Give All Your Meals A Little Kick

Tobasco Red Pepper Sauce Miniature (Set of 10) , $13, Amazon

Be like Beyoncé: Get this hot sauce in your bag (swag). Tabasco sauce contains cayenne peppers, which naturally increase your body's speed of turning food into energy. It's definitely a small percentage, but how easy is it to add a bit of delicious flavor to your dishes on-the-go? Consuming spicier food fills you up longer, too, so you're less tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks around 4 p.m.

Boost Your Circulation With Yoga

Hemingweigh High Density Yoga and Exercise Mat, $20, Amazon

Whether you're taking a rest day or trying out some new poses, this cushy, foam nonslip yoga mat is essential. If you want to get your blood flowing, pick a position (like twisted chair pose), and deeply breathe in for five breaths. This opens up your arteries to release any pressure constricting your blood flow.

Sleep More Soundly By Removing All Light

Ohuhu Sleep Mask, $6, Amazon

When you live with a roommate (or your apartment's right next to that streetlamp), tossing and turning all night slows down your your body's ability to function properly. Get it back in top form by using this lightweight silk sleeping mask that blocks all distracting light from your eyes. Its velcro fastening means you can adjust it to be as comfortable as you need, and the fact that earplugs are included is just icing on the cake.

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