Sarah Jessica Parker Belongs at Vogue, and These 10 Outfits Prove It

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All everyone was talking about last week? Rumors that Sarah Jessica Parker was set to take over famed fashion editor Anna Wintour's spot at Vogue when the British powerhouse retired. Sadly, the newly minted shoe designer (you may know her as Carrie Bradshaw) has shut down the talk of a takeover, but it doesn't mean we can't dream of a day when Parker would run the world's biggest fashion magazine. But aside from playing a Vogue writer on Sex and the City and a sometimes-clueless-but-always-loveable Vogue editor on Glee, what could ever qualify Parker for this highly covetable and majorly influential role? The fact that she’s a total style icon, of course. Don’t believe us? These 10 outfits prove that SJP is fit for the role of EIC (as far as fashion goes).

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